Laserfiche logoLaserfiche (news, site) has recently been granted certification for full compliance with the Australian government's Victorian Records Management Standard, along with other certifications. This means Laserfiche is now eligible to provide services and solutions that require long-term availability of documents in electronic format, particularly for government projects.

The South Australian government has developed a stringent set of standards for document management, which includes the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS). The standard aims to ensure long-term preservation of documents and public records. Certified providers usually have an advantage when bidding for government projects.

De Facto Standard for Data Preservation

Tom Wayman, Laserfiche VP for product strategy, says VERS has become the de facto standard for electronic data preservation due to its rigorous testing process. Laserfiche's recent certification thus makes it a viable solution for businesses and entities that require this level of quality and security. Wayman says that Laserfiche is a "certified, compliant solution that is still easy to deploy, easy to administer and easy to use."

Apart from VERS, Laserfiche's Record Management Edition is likewise certified by the US Defense Department since 2003. Laserfiche also obtained a DoD 5015.2 certification for its Sharepoint 2010 integration last year.

What is VERS?

In a nutshell, VERS outlines a strategy for specifying a standard format for digital records. In particular, VERS provides guidelines on capture, management, and preservation of electronic records. This also includes training, consultancy and project implementation. Salient features of VERS are as follows:

  • Creation of system independent content
  • Preservation of record content formats to facilitate access in 100+ years
  • The capture of key metadata to give context to the record
  • Encapsulated Objects that contain both the record content and its metadata
  • Use of digital signatures to preserve integrity

Sean Tang, Laserfiche VP of international business, has assured the company has the ability to meet customer requirements in Australia and around the world. "Achieving compliance with the VERS standard, which has gained traction with government agencies across Australia, demonstrates our commitment to our growing Australian customer base."