Kofax Digitizes Transaction Management

Kofax, recently acquired by Lexmark, is back again — and this time, it's offering end-to-end digital transaction management.

Not the hottest end of the document management space, you might think.

However, with the new capabilities added to the Kofax TotalAgilty platform, you get some serious functionality that can securely automate both your financial transactions and the paper-based transactions around it.

Now that’s pretty hot.

TotalAgility 7.2 adds several new capabilities, include e-signature and customer communications management, and also enhances the overall mobile experience. In addition to using automation to reduce human errors, the company also boasts that it improves customer experiences.

It streamlines document scanning in distributed environments, automatically extracts and validates document contents and initiates and executes downstream processes to speed up the process from beginning to end, Kofax noted.

Kofax described TotalAgility as the world's first smart process application development and deployment platform. 

That may or may not be the case. But what is certain is that Lexmark, which plans to close on the Kofax deal within the next few months, is increasing its reach into the enterprise.  This release straddles the world of document management and process management.

Outlook for Android

One of the more notable announcements from Microsoft this week:Outlook for Android is now generally available. Microsoft said  it has upgraded Outlook for Android 17 times since it offered it for preview, with a lot of the upgrades focused on performance and stability as well as some work around localization.

Microsoft noted that pushing Outlook for Android out of preview, along with Sawy and the other Windows 10 universal apps, is an example of Office’s new development model. The model consists of developing release iterations in rapid succession in response to user feedback.

ColumbiaSoft New Subscription Model

ColumbiaSoft has introduced a new subscription model for its document management software. The new Document Locator software model comes in purchase, subscription, on-premises and cloud-hosted options, and can be hosted on site or in the cloud.

With them, ColumbiaSoft now offers current and potential users the possibility of either using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and avoiding the upfront capital costs of an on-premises version, or they can still go for the traditional on-premises versions of those that prefer to stay away from the cloud.

It also comes with a number of different licensing options including named user licenses, dedicated licenses, concurrent licenses and web licenses.

Columbia is marketing this a way of cutting capital costs along with the other advantages of SaaS including easy deployments and constant and steady upgrades. Before jumping into this kind of agreement, though, it is a good idea to weigh up the overall costs over a prolonged period of time, say five years. 

Giving Exchange Added Muscle

Finally, from SDFE this week, there is TimeFleX for Microsoft Exchange users. If SDFE rings a bell, it might be from the IBM Notes calendar that if developed nine years ago and which has, it says, nearly 800,000 users now.

TimeFleX is something similar. It provides enhanced group calendar capabilities for Exchange users regardless of their IT platform.

It also supports on-premise servers, cloud based Exchange servers and tablet and cell phone platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones.

Why, you might ask, would you need a group calendar if you are using Exchange already? Easy, SDFE claims. While group calendars can be a very productive tool in team projects, they are only really effective if they have all functionality teams need. Exchange doesn’t have that, SDFE argues.

In fact, it said that some Microsoft products just don’t do enough. In a statement, it noted:  

“Microsoft has other 'fish to fry' rather than optimizing each of their software products to meet expanded customer requirements. And they are not the most nimble development organization."