knowledgetree_logo_2010.jpg KnowledgeTree is back in the news after raising US$ 4.75 million in capital funding at the beginning of July. This time, the cloud-based document management vendor is announcing the release of Web Documents, which the company says will make collaboration a core business function.

Social Document Collaboration

With Web Documents, KnowledgeTree says business authors will be able to work on a single document at the same time and in real time too. Other companies also offer similar kind of functionality, but KnowledgeTree is offering it to existing customers absolutely free.

While the co-authoring capabilities appear to be the minimum functionality, at a higher level structured approval processes and collaborative tools are also offered that will enable enterprises to drastically reduce the time it takes to develop and deliver a document.

Currently, KnowledgeTree says that with many different departments working on a document, and often those departments consisting of dozens of people, time and information is often lost in the current exchange of emails that goes into developing content.

However with Web Documents, global teams can work on a document at the same time in the cloud, with edits visible to other users where ever they are located.

There is also a pretty cool function that enables users to “rewind” a document to monitor how the document evolved through the collaboration process, something that looks a lot like a very slick kind of version history. (check out the video for more on Web Documents).

KnowledgeTree’s Funding Round

It’s a small enough release, but one that should help authors of very large documents ‘socialize’ the creation of documents, which fits it nicely with the strategy it announced at the beginning of July for the US$ 4.75 million funding round.

At the time KnowledgeTree said that it would be using the money to develop its social, enterprise document management. In fact, it even flagged that it would be releasing Web Documents (although it did not say when).

The other aspect of the funding that is also interesting is its stated intent of using it to help wiggle its way into bigger enterprises in a market that is extremely competitive.

As a differentiator, KnowledgeTree offers the application of social technologies to document collaboration and authoring in structured environments built around audit trails, versioning and threads.

This latest release fits in nicely into this strategy and gives a taste of what’s to come product-wise in the future from KnowledgeTree. Web Documents is available now for existing customers.