KnowledgeTree joins the list of companies that are now providing analytics to help existing and future companies deal with the massive mountain of data that is entering their repositories daily. Its release today of analytics offerings, along with some smart tools, should extend its reach and add another market differentiator.

Like other companies that have invested in analytics, the objective here is to make documents findable and, in doing so, cut the costs of managing documents and content that is located in some unknown corner of an enterprise repository.

In an ideal world, a repository shouldn’t have any unknown corners, but the reality is somewhat different, which means content that could be used and reused across several different projects gets lost and has to be re-created.

And content is not cheap. Not only is there the cost of developing it again -- and again and again -- but there is also the speed element, where contracts can be lost, or secured, depending on enterprise readiness to provide the right data at the right time. That’s not even talking about compliance issues either.

KnowledgeTree's Analytics

While a lot of companies have spent a lot of time and money developing analytics -- in the case of IBM, several billions -- the product that Knowledge is offering is not going to cost a new mortgage.

KnowledgeTree Analytics
KnowledgeTree Analytics

But KnowledgeTree is not IBM, even though it has been listed as a “SaaS to company to watch” and, over the past few years, it has made progress building up a software portfolio that has resulted in steady growth in recent times.

The new offerings today aim to continue that progression and come in three principal groups:

  • Smart analytics: Algorithm-driven analytics discover documents for users and teams
  • Smart Trends: Highlights how documents can be improved and managed
  • Smart Feeds: Keeps team members informed about how documents are evolving

Documents are business assets -- that value has to be harnessed. "File sharing and overcomplicated content management tools aren’t the answer. Companies need Smart Tools and Insights to uncover relevant documents in context and boost employee productivity,” said Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree.

Knowledge dashboardssmall.jpg
KnowledgeTree dashboards

KnowledgeTree has also added Smart Dashboards make it easier to manage documents when they have been found. Users can see which documents are getting worked on, and which could be delayed. That means you can manage resources better and get more productivity out of your documents.

KnowledgeTree, Salesforce

And moving this into the near future, KnowledgeTree will also be developing its ecosystem to drive document life cycle events into CRM applications.

KnowledgeTree’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Peter Mollins told CMSWire that it will be launching a Salesforce integration in the next month and that in a forthcoming update to that it will be publishing lifecycle events to Salesforce Chatter.

This will enable marketing teams to more effectively distribute material to sales organizations, where the marketing organization is using the KnowledgeTree services to develop, approve and distribute content, while the sales team will continue to use the tools they use every day, like a CRM application such as Salesforce.

In this case, it will also be using the Salesforce collaboration capabilities of Chatter to distribute that content, while there will also be opportunities to take social gaming features, which surface content through the Salesforce Chatter feed as well.

The result is that marketing teams will be able to push content to a sales team, but it will also be possible that proposals developed by the sales team will bubble up in the Salesforce Chatter feed to the organization.The Chatter abailites are not available yet, but you should see them in the next couple of months.