KnowledgeTree Adds iPad, iPhone App to Mobile Portfolio If ever there was an indicator of how successful iPad has been, the number of vendors rushing to make their products compatible with it surely must be the best. This week already, EMC made Documentum searchable through iPad; today it’s the turn of KnowledgeTree, which has extended its smart tools to iPad and iPhone.

The advantages of doing so for KnowledgeTree are clear, but for iPad users who work with KnowledgeTree’s document management software, there are advantages too, particularly the ability to interact with document-driven business processes while mobile.

Like the Documentum app, this one is also free from the App Store and enables users to have access to the KnowledgeTree document vault while mobile and enables the management of  those documents using the KnowledgeTree "smart" tools.

Those tools already exist across the KnowledgeTree portfolio, but can now be used while mobile and include:

Smart Tags

Tags that enable users to organize documents based on the work concepts that drive their business. As a result, documents can be found based on many criteria including projects, the type of document, what they are for or other generic criteria. Tags can also be customized according to enterprise needs.

Smart Alerts

Enables the creation of smart alerts, according to business needs, that notify users when subscribed content changes so that the changed content is surfaced to users. This is particularly useful when a document undergoes several versions through a number of users.

Smart Search

Arguably the most important of all functionalities; after all, there’s no point in having to-die-for content if it can’t be found. Documents can be found using the smart search through the document title, document types, or be filtered through a number of different document types or content types.

KnowledgeTree Mobile

KnowledgeTree has placed a lot of emphasis on mobile access to its document collaboration solution in recent months. While this release covers iOS, a similar app as been available for Android for some months.

The focus here has been on more than sharing documents, though; it's also about the processes and collaboration required, including activating workflow and viewing the document's activity stream. The result is mobile KnowledgeTree.

KnowledgeTree customers and current trialists can install the app free from the Apple App Store.