Document management and workflow purveyor SpringCM is partnering with EchoSign, which provides electronic signature automation. EchoSign is availing its signature system to SpringCM clientele, as well as the Contract Accelerator for, with which SpringCM fully integrates. One nifty thing about EchoSign is it lets users "sign" documents electronically from any browser. This means you don't have to run to FedEx Kinko's to use that oldfangled fax machine-a-majig.Via SpringCM, you now can route contracts, proposals, statements of work and other uber-sensitive documentation through internal and external approvals from one platform (as opposed to, say, three in a half). For the usability-concerned, the process of obtaining an electronic signature is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open the document you need signed, then select the "Send for Signature" option. The document goes out to your recipient via email, along with instructions on how to sign (they type in their name and initials, then push the "sign" button). Once signed, a document goes into your SpringCM repository with the signature in place. In addition to Salesforce, SpringCM integrates fully with your CRM system of choice. It's used, and thereby trusted, by folk involved in sales, legal and finance.