This week in the document management world, the build up to the release of SharePoint 2013 continues, but governance is still an issue. Meanwhile, Laserfiche has added cursive scanning through Parascript, OpenText appoints a new CMO, Hannon Hill upgrades to v7.2, while Nuance also upgrades its scanning capabilities.

SharePoint Governance

The buildup to the release of SharePoint 2013 continues. Over the past couple of weeks we have looked at a whole range of issues around the new release including migrating from one version to another, how to drive adoption, and then recently we took a look at governance in SharePoint and what enterprises need to do.

It’s probably not surprising that organizations are still struggling with this since the last major release with SharePoint 2010, but what was really, really surprising was the fact that even now, more than half of organizations with SharePoint deployments still have no SharePoint governance strategy.

This is particularly true given that since the 2010 version the amount of data that enterprises have to deal with has exploded and many enterprises are struggling to keep up. Axceler took a deeper look into this issue and problem, and we took a look at what it discovered. Interested in more?

Laserfiche’s Cursive Scanning with Parascript

Laserfiche has just announced that Parascript, which develops print and cursive recognition technologies, has entered its Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program. The result is that Laserfiche will integrate Parascript’s FormXtra’s software that will able users feed hand written information into their content management systems.

While a relatively minor announcement, it does provide major advantages to some of the verticals that Laserfiche has already establish a strong foothold in over the past few years.

The vertical that immediately springs to mind is the public sector and the organizations across federal, state and local government agencies, where -- and this definitely won’t surprise you -- a lot of information is still ingested through written forms and notes.

This information is particularly valuable where public-facing organizations are concerned and the ability to ingest that into the main document management or enterprise CMS system will be invaluable, especially if it avoids the error prone and costly manual entry systems currently used by many companies.

And this is where this partnership will shine. FormXtra will be integrated with Laserfiche production-level capture tools, designed to automatically read precise pieces of information from paper and electronic documents in high-volume environments.

The result is unstructured information turned into actionable information resources. This also clearly has an application with customer facing private enterprises that may be looking for a competitive edge by entering this kind of information into customer relationship management systems.

OpenText Appoints New CMO

In terms of expertise, OpenText announced a major coup during the week with the appointment of Kevin Cochrane as the new OpenText Chief Marketing Officer. He has previously held the same position at Day Software before joining Adobe as VP and helping to build that company's Digital Marketing Business Unit.

For OpenText this comes at an important juncture as anyone following will know over the past year the company has been putting in some pretty impressive financial performances and has on a number of occasions said that it would like to grow just a little bit more. This is particularly true of its cloud ambitions and it seems that in Cochrane, this is what it has in mind.

Hannon Hill’s v7.2 Upgrade

Meanwhile Hannon Hill has just upgraded its enterprise CMS and released version 7.2 after beta testing across its existing client base. Cascade Server v7.2 comes with a whole bunch of improvements to its interface for both content contributors and site administrators.

According to Hannon Hill content contributors can now drag-and-drop pages and files within the site and place them where ever they are needed. In fact, this has been developed to such an extent that users can completely rearrange their site structure just by using the mouse -- keeping internal site links intact.

Nuance’s Upgraded Scanning

Nuance has also been busy over the past few weeks and has recently announced the release of eCopy ShareScan 5.1, which offers enterprises the ability to scan content and add it to enterprise workflows.

This version has a lot of under-the-hood improvements, but Nuance is making much of the fact that this version enables users to get it up and running much quicker than earlier versions. In fact, according to the documentation around the release, it is now up to 17 times faster to configure and set up than it was before, enabling deployment in multi-server environments in mere minutes.

ECopy ShareScan supports just about any brand of MFP on the market at the moment and just about every device, making it particularly interesting for enterprises working in mixed environments.