It may have been a holiday weekend in some places, but it was still busy in the document management space. This week we took a look at the paperless office and records management, Accusoft upgraded Content Connect to v7, AvePoint improved governance in SharePoint online, while Zoho integrated new email capabilities with its CRM app.

The Paperless Office?

It seems that according to new research published by AIIM during the week, the idea of a paperless office is further away than it ever was. This is not just hearsay, but one of the conclusions of the new report on records management in the AIIM State of the Industry series.

It also seems from the report that even with all the technologies and advances in capturing and storing information, enterprises are still struggling to manage all of their office records.

However, digging a little bit deeper into the subject, you find -- as might be expected -- that the problem lies not with the technologies, but the lack of a coherent records management strategy in many enterprises, especially when it comes to digital documents.

Instead of pressing the delete button on many documents that can easily be destroyed, many enterprises are just hoarding them. Interested in more on this?

Accusoft Connect v7 Viewer

It’s been a busy week for Accusoft with the release of Prizm Content Connect v7, the new version of its zero-footprint HTML5 viewer. According to Accusoft, one of this version’s really strong points is the built- in ability to block malicious software that may be hidden in document files -- a problem anyone working with large document loads will be familiar with.

The new version also enables users view and collaborate on 300 different file types within a secure single program while also offering new printing possibilities to Thin Client environments.

According to Accusoft, users of the new viewer will notice marked improvements in the appearance of Office documents viewed through version 7, which will provide quicker document uploads as well as the ability to zoom into text and images without any loss in clarity. It also comes with a full range of REST API options that enables integration with a wide range of other applications including SharePoint and Documentum.

In a market that is already choc-a-block full with viewers this is worth a look for a number of reasons not least of which is its capabilities to handle malicious software. If you’re interested in more, check it out here

AvePoint Office 365 SharePoint Online

A few weeks ago we saw Office 365 go live with a whole pile of upgrades that covered the release of the new Office 2013 and the anticipated upgrade to SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint Online 2013.

Like previous versions of SharePoint, governance is going to be an issue with the new version as it is already with the current online and on-premises version.

Enter DocAve Online. According to AvePoint, it will offer organizations more control over their servers without having to sacrifice control over the key security elements of users, permissions and content.

With DocAve Online, AvePoint takes care of all this by offering tools for backup, administration and management of Office 365/SharePoint Online instances with granular content protection, simplified management and synchronized publishing of content across sites.

DocAve Online centralizes settings, configurations and security, allowing for robust discovery, search and management across Office 365 hosted SharePoint sites.

While this will be of some interest to those that are considering SharePoint online in Office 365 -- and Microsoft has certainly been pushing enterprises in that direction -- it will also be of interest to those considering Office 365 deployment for the first time. More on the AvePoint website.

Zoho’s Intergrated CRM and Email

Zoho has also been busy and has announced upgrades to its online CRM offering. While CRM and document management don’t cross paths as much as maybe they should, this upgrade specifically targets CRM email functionality.

The new features start with BCC Dropbox, which lets users bcc customer emails to CRM in order to associate those emails to the related customer records inside Zoho CRM.

This all happens through Zoho LiveDesk. With it users can pull together customer support and customer information, offering users centralized customer information from multiple sources, including email and third party applications.

Zoho LiveDesk enables contact with customers in real time through live chat while Zoho CRM integration allows users to add leads, contacts, notes and follow-up tasks in Zoho CRM -- directly from Zoho LiveDesk.

MailMagnet for Mobile also offers MailMagnet -- email filtering based on active deals in CRM -- to Zoho CRM iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps.

The Zoho CRM integration with Zoho LiveDesk is available for all Zoho LiveDesk paid users. The BCC Dropbox feature is available for users of the Zoho CRM Professional and Enterprise Editions. If you're interested in more check out the Zoho website, or see the video below for more on MailMagnet.