This week in the document management space, OpenText extends its offerings on the Azure platform, we find that document security is still an issue with SharePoint users, Box gets easier email management, Kofax extends its document capture abilities, Zylpha offers secure document transfer and SmartSoft offers OCR.

OpenText Extends Azure Offerings

OpenText this week extended its alliance with Microsoft, this time through the newly formed Business Process Solutions (BPS) group, by placing a whole pile of processes on Azure.

This is not the first time by any means that OpenText has offered document management applications on Azure, adding records management and document archiving three years ago.

However, with BPS and OpenText’s stated ambition of cornering a larger part of the BPM market, there’s a lot more to be had on Azure than previously.

This time, it is offering archival, governance, document capture, faxing, extended records management, business process management and case management, as well as extending the reach and abilities of SharePoint. More on this later.

SharePoint and Document Security

And speaking of SharePoint, it seems some users still aren’t getting the message. A survey released recently found that Microsoft SharePoint users are aware of the risks that exposing sensitive data can cause to their organization. But they still seem to be doing it.

The study, sponsored by Cryptzone showed that while 92% of respondents understood that taking data out of SharePoint made it less secure, 30% were willing to take the risk stating they didn’t care as long as it got the job done.

34% confessed they never really thought about the security implications of SharePoint, while 13% believe protecting company data is not their responsibility.

The main reasons for copying documents from SharePoint were either to work from home (43%) or share it with third parties who don't have access to the tool (over 55%).

Box Eases Email Management

Meanwhile, RPost has made it easier to manage email in Box. While Box’s cloud-based document management system has found considerable traction in enterprises of all sizes, the ability that RPost’s RMail Web app offers should make it more attractive again.

It enables users to send files and to attach Registered Email messages and along with it information about the email, including who sent what messages and what the messages contained along with HIPAA.

These services are offered to users within their Box interface for the first ten documents sent per month free up to 200MBs, with messages beyond that charged, although in what way isn’t clear.

Kofax and Mobile Capture

Also this week, Kofax announced Kofax Mobile Capture, which extends capture-enabled BPM capabilities to smartphones and tablet computers. The new solution allows customers to use cameras in those devices to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data and then pass that content to Kofax workflows that manage it into enterprise applications and repositories.

The new solution has been at the request of Kofax customers wanting to leverage mobile devices to initiate business processes at "the point of origination" where customer-facing engagements actually occur and add these devices as another gateway into their Kofax solutions.

Kofax Mobile Capture supports iPhones and iPad devices and Android phones and tablet computers and consists of two components: Kofax Mobile Applications and Kofax Mobile Services.

They run on the mobile device to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data. Once captured, the content is delivered to Kofax Mobile Services, a cloud-based service hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Zylpha's Secure Document Transfer

Document distribution vendor Zylpha has launched a system that enables the secure and verifiable electronic transmission of legal communications and document bundles.

Designed to integrate with industry-standard case management products such as Solcase and Visualfiles, the new system eliminates the need for paper-based systems, courier deliveries and other physical delivery services.

With Zylpha in place, all the relevant information required for a legal document bundle can be pulled together and integrated into one secure and paginated whole, with the context of applications and process relationships clearly defined.

SmartSoft and OCR

Finally, OCR vendor SmartSoft has announced that Smart PDF Creator Pro now includes optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. The application is part of SmartSoft’s portfolio of PDF management applications that includes Smart PDF Editor, Smart PDF Tools, PDF Bookmarks, PDF Stamps, PDF Watermarks and the company’s top-selling software for PDF conversion, Smart PDF Converter.

Smart PDF Creator Pro enables users to create PDF documents in only a few mouse clicks. It includes capabilities for encryption and document protection.

It also allows users to additionally convert PDF to other document formats, including Word, HTML, RTF, TXT, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG.

The new OCR technology also enables users to convert PDF documents created from a scan into editable and searchable computer text.