This week there’s been a number of items, including the partnership between M-Files and goVirtualOffice for NetSuite Integration, Laserfiche has released an app for iPad, Zoho continues to offer social capabilities, Metalogix releases SharePoint Content Manager and Hannon Hill releases Cascade v7.0.

M-Files, NetSuite Integrate

Document management vendor M-Files has announced a partnership with goVirtualOffice to enhance NetSuite’s ERP and Financial Software Suite with purpose-built enterprise CMS capabilities for managing financial/accounting, CRM, inventory, e-Commerce and compliance information.

NetSuite enables companies to manage core business operations in one system. M-Files for NetSuite improves productivity and reduces errors by making relevant documents available from within NetSuite.

The integration of M-Files and NetSuite was led by, an M-Files and NetSuite solution provider. The solution enables documents and information stored in the M-Files vault to be tagged and linked with associated transactions within NetSuite.

Documents and information can then be classified and indexed using any tag or metadata property, including the customer, contact, and/or project to which it is related.

With M-Files for NetSuite invoices, purchase orders, inventory sheets, compliance certification documentation, bills of materials and shipping and fulfillment documents can all be retrieved when needed within the NetSuite interface. If you want to check it out, it’s currently on display at the Net Suite annual conference in SF.

Laserfiche Releases iPad App

Also this week, Laserfiche announced the availability of Laserfiche Mobile for iPad, an app that enables users to securely view and act upon mission-critical content from wherever they are, while also ensuring that mobile content resides within the organization’s IT governance structure.

As part of the Laserfiche suite, Laserfiche Mobile for iPad:

  • Provides secure, anywhere access to documents, metadata and audio-visual files stored in the Laserfiche repository
  • Enables users to create and upload new electronic documents
  • Tracks and audits all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche
  • Enables users to participate in workflows

Laserfiche Mobile for iPad, which includes a built-in demonstration, is available for free download from the Apple App Store. Laserfiche Mobile for iPad operates with Laserfiche Web Access as a part of Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Rio systems.

Metalogix SP Content Manager

For SharePoint this week, Metalogix announced the general release of Metalogix Content Manager for SharePoint. The new solution, developed internally by Metalogix, addresses the need to ease usability and productivity associated with SharePoint adoption by making content easier to find and organize.

With Content Manager for SharePoint, Metalogix delivers the foundation of a content management suite that employs a ribbon-based, intuitive solution for administrators and end users.

To maximize productivity, end users need to manage their content in SharePoint, but its out-of-the-box functionality does not provide for simple functions, such as applying metadata across multiple items to simplify search or reorganize content due to changing business needs.

With Content Manager for SharePoint, Metalogix has developed a solution that facilitates the continual management of business-critical content to improve the use of SharePoint 2010.

Hannon Hill Releases Cascade 7.0

Hannon Hill has released Cascade 7.0. The newest version of its content management software introduces a number of major features designed to further empower content contributors and simplify technical processes in the software.

Among other new features and improvements, this version includes:

  • Site Clone, a feature that allows sites to be copied in their entirety to streamline the process of creating new sites
  • Modules, a strategic new initiative to offer more components that end users without technical expertise can set up to generate dynamic content
  • Spectate Connector, which allows users access to forms built in Spectate to insert them into pages in Cascade Server via a button in the WYSIWYG editor toolbar

Hannon says that the introduction of modules represents a strategic shift in how end users create content for their websites. Starting in Cascade Server 7.0, end users will be able create dynamic content feeds and other modular components that would have historically required more technical expertise to create.

Other noteworthy features include extended support for HTML5, automatic unpublishing of assets upon moving or renaming them, site import/export, database export, inline regions and an improved asset chooser with search capability.

Zoho Support Integrates Facebook, Twitter

Finally this week, Zoho continues to develop its social tools by offering tight integration with Facebook and Twitter. Companies can now employ Zoho Support to engage with and support their customers in real time via social networks, without leaving Zoho Support's intuitive user interface.

The Facebook and Twitter integrations for Zoho Support are the latest result of Zoho's continued focus on offering effective social integrations. Zoho has already rolled out Facebook and LinkedIn integration into Zoho CRM, and LinkedIn integration for Zoho Recruit.

Facebook and Twitter integration for Zoho Support is available now, free, in the Zoho Support Enterprise Edition and Zoho Support Professional Edition.