It may have been Labor Day weekend, but it’s been a busy week in the document management mines. Kofax has announced it is to go public after some impressive results for the year, Google is offering offline Gmail, Formtek and Ephesoft have partnered for better capture and ARX is offering mobile document signatures for SharePoint.

Kofax to Go Public

While companies continue to invest in document management, it seems that they are also turning their attention to document capture, if the release of figures for year’s end by Kofax is anything to go by.

Overall, revenues grew by 12% to US$ 243.9 million in the year to the end of June as market share grew and companies relied on its maintenance service, with pre-tax profit rising by 43% to US$ 26 million over the year.

Citing figures from analysts Harvey Spencer Associates, Kofax added that it had increased its overall capture market share to 15% from 11% in 2009, adding 2,155 new customers and closed more six and seven figure sales.

It also said it had extended its position in the batch Image capture segment, defined as the scanning, indexing and exporting of document images and data for archive purposes, to a 35% share, from 25% in 2009.

Which is all good, but it did warn that the ongoing economic situation globally meant that there had been a slowdown in the rate of deal closures in the latter half of the year, a trend that could continue into the future.

That said, it also confirmed during the week that the company is performing the preliminary work needed to affect an initial public offering in the United States.

It said it had not outlined a specific time frame for the offering, which will be subject to Kofax's performance, adding that it is “unlikely to occur during the current fiscal year."  After that, it intends to maintain a dual listing on both a U.S. and the London Stock Exchange.

Google Offers Offline Gmail, Docs, Calendar

Also during this week, Google announced new features that will benefit mobile users -- offline Gmail, Docs and Calendar. Working via a Chrome browser plugin and HTML5, the new offline functionality will give users access to messages, documents and appointments without an active Internet connection.

Google used to offer offline access to Gmail messages through Gears, but that has since been a deprecated feature. With the continuing development of HTML5 standards, the new functionality is expected to have wider platform and browser support.

Digital Signatures for SharePoint Mobile Access

Document signature vendor ARX has upgraded its CoSign with SharePoint solution to include support for digital signing of SharePoint documents via mobile devices.

CoSign digital signatures for SharePoint allows SharePoint users to sign Office and PDF files, list items, records and documents centrally located on the SharePoint server via the SharePoint interface.

Now, in addition to signing via laptop or desktop computer, users may also approve SharePoint documents using many mobile devices including iPad and iPhone.

CoSign supports built-in SharePoint workflows, as well as third-party workflow solutions that have a SharePoint foundation including Nintex Workflow.

Formtek, Ephesoft Partner

Meanwhile, document management vendor Formtek has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with open source document capture provider Ephesoft.

As a result, Formtek adds the Ephesoft Enterprise Edition to its existing product portfolio, which includes Formtek Orion, Alfresco Enterprise and the Formtek Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution for Alfresco.

Ephesoft advanced features include high-performance classification and separation technology based on content and layout, learning of documents and metadata extraction technologies using bar-code, regular expression and phrases.

Formtek is also an Alfresco Gold SI Partner, and interfaces to Alfresco using CMIS, enabling Formtek to offer an integrated solution that includes both advanced scan/capture, based on Ephesoft, and enterprise content management, based on Alfresco.

TIBCO Buys Nimbus

Finally, another acquisition of a UK-based company by a US company. This time, it's US-based TIBCO Software, which has acquired Nimbus Partners, a vendor of business process discovery and analysis applications that help companies drive adoption of business process initiatives.

Whereas TIBCO has traditionally focused on the automation of data, systems, and processes, Nimbus allows business users to collaboratively describe and document all aspects of a business, from operational best practices to organizational and system models initiatives.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.