There were a number of new releases in the document management space this week. LibreOffice has announced the release of a public beta of its extension and template repositories, Google Docs gets synced with PCs, KnowledgeTree Ships with DM tools, V1 integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite and Toshiba extends its print services.

Goggle Docs Synced with PCs

Syncdocs was taken out of beta this week and now integrates Google Docs with Windows 7. With it,  users can keep their word processing folder continuously synced with their Google Docs account.

By default, Syncdocs syncs PCs to Google and every other linked PC. This means the Syncdocs folder on all your PCs and Google Docs are the same.

SyncDoc offers an easy way to back up Google Docs in the event of a disaster. Announcing its exit from beta, Syncdocs says that 92% of stolen laptops are never recovered, while hard disks have around a 10% chance of failure per year.

Google Docs storage is one of the most cost-effective cloud solutions available. 20GB of online storage is $5 per year, while 200GB is only US$ 50. Syncdocs is only US$ 9.95 per year.

The result is that, for US$ 5 a month Google and Syncdocs give you 200GB online backup capability. If you have less data, you can back up 20GB for US$ 1.25 a month.

Syncdocs also stores previous versions of your files on Google, so users can go back to an earlier version.

Public Beta for LibreOffice Extensions Repository

The LibreOffice developers and the Document Foundation have announced a public beta of the extension and template repositories for LibreOffice.

According to the steering committee at the moment, there is no reliable and stable source for downloading these addons, and the new repositories provides a solution to that.

It provides extensions and template not only for LibreOffice, but also for and other compatible office suites.

V1 Integrates With Oracle E-Business Suite

Meanwhile, V1 document management has announced it is building on the Oracle connection and providing integrated document management to Oracle’s E-Business Suite.

To recap, V1 provides document management and imaging software that enables document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of most business documents.

With Oracle, it securely stores all imaged documents in an electronic archive integrated with the Oracle system, which not only eliminates the risk of lost and soiled documents but also ensures rapid retrieval.

Under that agreement, Oracle Financials clients would be able to have access to Version One from their Oracle system. Oracle Financials consists of a global accounting solution, a robust intercompany solution and a global tax solution, built to work together on the E-Business Suite's unified information architecture.

KnowledgeTree Ships Document Management Tools

KnowledgeTree joins the list of companies that are now providing analytics to help existing and future companies deal with the massive mountain of data that is entering their repositories daily. Its release today of analytics offerings, along with some smart tools, should extend its reach and add another market differentiator.

Like other companies that have invested in analytics, the objective here is to make documents findable and, in doing so, cut the costs of managing documents and content that is located in some unknown corner of an enterprise repository.

And moving this into the near future, KnowledgeTree will also be developing its ecosystem to drive document life cycle events into CRM applications.

KnowledgeTree’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Peter Mollins told CMSWire at the time that it will be launching a Salesforce integration in the next month and that in a forthcoming update to that it will be publishing lifecycle events to Salesforce Chatter.

Toshiba Extends Print Services

Toshiba America Business Solutions has announced PaperCut MF (multi-function), a rules-based managed print services (MPS) solution that helps businesses track, monitor and control print, copy, scan and fax behaviors, reducing waste and overall operating expenses.

PaperCut MF interfaces with Toshiba's e-STUDIO MFPs to track off-the-glass functions including copy, scan and fax usage and provide secure print release capabilities.

It also uses the Embedded Web Browser feature, enabling users to release print jobs at any available MFP on the network for added convenience and improved productivity.

This server-based, "onboard" MFP solution provides not only an intuitive end-user experience, but also enables single sign-on to both the MFP and PaperCut via the control panel or one of many supported card readers.