This week, there have been a number of interesting announcements, including one from Formtek, which has added five extensions to Alfresco; Lexmark continues to grow its enterprise CMS capabilities, M-Files releases Vault 2.0 and KnowledgeLake introduces Unify.

Alfresco Extends With Formtek

Alfresco’s open content platform just got better with Formtek extensions. Both companies have announced five Extensions that are designed to increase the capabilities and productivity of Alfresco implementations by extending standard functionality or by adding new features. The extensions include:

  • The Formtek Auditing Extension: An audit log of every file and folder in Alfresco
  • The Formtek File Linking Extension: Enables access to documents from multiple locations
  • Formtek Peer Association Extension: Enables the creation of associations between documents within Alfresco share
  • The Formtek Security Extension: Offers enhanced security in Alfresco Share
  • The Formtek Version Browser Extension: Enables work on old document versions

The Formtek Software Extensions are available for Alfresco Share 3.4 and above, and on servers running either Linux or Windows operating systems. Each Extension is installed via a JAR file, and includes both an installer and uninstaller.

Formtek also provides support for the Extensions, including ongoing product maintenance and updates. For a webinar on the extensions next week you can register here, or for more information check out the Alfresco blogs.

KnowledgeLake Introduces Unify

Meanwhile, KnowledgeLake has announced KnowledgeLake Unify, which dynamically integrates related SharePoint content with any business application. Unify will be added to the KnowledgeLake suite of products that enhance the content management features and extensibility in SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake Unify makes SharePoint content available to an end user without leaving familiar business applications.

By adding a Unify button onto the application interface; users can scan, search, reference and archive content that lies in SharePoint, without having to switch systems.

It also provides packaged integration templates for the Microsoft Dynamics product family and a drag-and-drop configuration wizard to reduce the complexity of implementation.

M-Files Upgrades to Vault 2.0

M-Files has been busy in the cloud recently and has announced M-Files Cloud Vault 2.0, which includes enhancements such as unique support for hybrid cloud configurations, single sign-on via Active Directory, improved back-up and recovery capabilities and 100 TB cloud storage capacity.

M-Files Cloud Vault is an enterprise CMS solution to run natively on Windows Azure. With Windows Azure Connect, it supports single sign-on through Active Directory via an organization's on-premise domain.

The resulting "hybrid" model supports a flexible computing environment that enables businesses to maintain their investment in on-premise systems, such as ERP and CRM, while using the cloud to improve the way they organize, manage and track important documents and processes.

The storage capacity in M-Files Cloud Vault 2.0 has also been significantly upgraded and can scale up to 100TB. This  storage volume, combined with M-Files'  indexing and file caching capabilities, optimizes enterprise CMS and document management performance in the cloud or offline.

Finally, v 2.0 also offers business continuity and data availability by ensuring all data is stored on multiple replicated disks. M-Files Cloud Vault 2.0 also uses the new "point-in-time" recovery (PITR) capabilities provided by Windows Azure enabling data recovery back to any time in the past.

Lexmark Extends Enterprise CMS Again

Finally, Lexmark just keeps expanding its enterprise content management abilities with and through Perceptive. Only recently it added integration with Dynamics AX 2012; now, Lexmark announced the acquisition of two companies that will add more document management functionality.

The two companies are Australia-based ISYS Search Software and U.S.-based Nolij Corporation.

Both companies now join Perceptive Software, a standalone business unit within Lexmark. The chief executive officer of ISYS and the president of Nolij, John Collins will report to Scott Coons, Perceptive Software's president and chief executive officer and Lexmark vice president.

ISYS enterprise search solutions deliver federated search, text mining, and mobile and embedded search capabilities across a wide range of formats, languages and platforms, enabling organizations to leverage corporate knowledge, reduce risk and facilitate rapid discovery of critical intelligence for more informed decisionmaking.

Its Document Filters technology is the core analytics engine at the heart of its suite of enterprise applications. Connecting with all the sources of unstructured information that exist in the organization, Document Filters enables users to parse, extract, analyze, load and display (in high definition) content contained in hundreds of different file types.

For its part, Nolij software suite is a Web-based document imaging and workflow platform that includes native support for mobile devices and forms processing capabilities.

The suite includes Nolij Transfer, a Web-based data integration product that enables automated data matching and uploads to student information systems, eliminating data entry and reducing errors associated with manual processes in enrollment services, university development and the business office.

Lexmark's recent acquisitions have advanced its "capture/manage/access" strategy, enabling the company to capture content from hardcopy and electronic documents through a range of devices including the company's award-winning smart multifunction products and mobile devices, while also managing and processing content through its enterprise CMS and business process management technologies.

These two acquisitions are reported to have cost a total of US$ 64 million.