This week in the realm of Document Management, Microsoft finally cleared up one of the big questions surrounding Office -- the subscription model and where it is going in the future. In other news, EMC is holding its annual show and hosted a lot of interesting developments with Documentum, while NetDocuments opens an app store and dtSearch upgraded.

Microsoft’s Office

Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite are not normally discussed in the same article, let alone the same sentence. However, Adobe’s announcement at the beginning of the week that it is abandoning its packaged CS model and going all-subscription has prompted Microsoft to broach the subject in respect of its Office suite.

Given the pricing model that Microsoft announced at the end of last year for Office 2013 packages and Office subscriptions through Office 365, it has become clear that Microsoft is trying to encourage people to move to the subscription model and away from packages. But for those that are concerned they will be forced to do that before they are good-and-ready, fear not. According to a blog post by Clint Patterson on the Office blog, while Microsoft is definitely heading in that direction, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

The post is interesting for two reasons. First, because it is the first time in print that Microsoft has said it wants people to move to the subscription model, and second, because it outlines the time-frame for the move.

While Patterson doesn't criticize the decision by Adobe to go subscription with its CS Suite and points to the obvious advantages of subscriptions -- like constantly updated software, cheaper initial financial outlay, and remote management -- he does suggest that that for Adobe it may be a step to quick and too soon.

And there is real sense in this. While many individuals and companies have fully embraced subscription software, just as many have not.

…However, unlike Adobe, we think people's shift from packaged software to subscription services will take time. Within a decade, we think everyone will choose to subscribe because the benefits are undeniable. In the meantime, we are committed to offering choice--premier software sold as a package and powerful services sold as a subscription,” he says.

Microsoft is not realistically considering a complete phase out of packaged Office for the next ten years, and over that time we can expect a lot of interesting upgrades to the subscription model that will make it a ‘must have’ license for everyone.

There is a caveat here, though, and that is the speed at which people take to subscriptions. He says that since the launch of Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University in January, more than a quarter of those that bought it did so through the subscription model. At that rate, it might take less than ten years, but that remains to be seen.

EMC Documentum in The Cloud

EMC World also takes place this week and there was a lot of interesting news around EMC products including, of course, Documentum.

According to EMC, the past year has been dominated by its thinking and production around the cloud and says that its entire portfolio of content management application now enables enterprises to pursue their path to the cloud.

Key among the new Documentum offerings is EMC Documentum Enterprise Migration Appliance (EMA) that will improve cloud collaboration as well as offer governance in the cloud, facilitating an easy move to Documentum 7. Other newbies from this week include:

  • The new Documentum D2 4.1 interface for increased productivity and connection with Syncplicity
  • The Syncplicity Connector for Documentum enabling sync-and-share from the Documentum repository.
  • EMC Captiva 7.0 cloud ready capture to embed within any web-based solution.

NetDocuments’ Apps Marketplace

Meanwhile, NetDocments has also announced the availability of a new Apps Marketplace that provides a place where third-party developers can create apps that integrate with the company’s existing cloud content management and collaboration services.

It comes with all kinds of apps ready for use that will streamline workflows and offer users of the NetDocumentum platform a place where they can get apps that will improve performance and manage their repository of documents and emails.

Along with the launch of the marketplace, it has also announced the release of v13.2 that comes with the upgraded NDSearch, an enterprise-level search engine that is embedded in NetDocuments and which offers easier access and retrieval of emails.

However, the main upgrade is the REST API that simplifies the creation of programs and apps that will be offered for download in the new marketplace.

dtSearch v7.72

There is also an upgrade from dtSearch this week with the release of v7.72 which expands its proprietary document filters built into its text retrieval products. For those that need data parsing, conversion and extraction only, the dtSearch Engine also provides the document filters for separate OEM licensing.

Version 7.72 adds OneNote support through current versions, including support for images and documents embedded in OneNote files. The new version also expands the document filter APIs, enhancing options for text extraction from individual files, nested objects and other tasks.

This new release also covers dtSearch dtSearch Web with Spider for quickly publishing instantly searchable data to an Internet or Intranet site.