In the current climate anything for free can only be a good thing. So news that Doculex (news, site) has announced the availability of a free connector that allows users to integrate their business applications with the company’s Archive Studio WebSearch document management software is especially good.

Doculex has spent a lot of time this year adding to the capabilities of Archive Studio WebSearch, the document management and email archiving component of Archive Studio. WebSearch is a suite of products that covers anything a company might need for enterprise content management.

The new connector called -- wait for it! -- WebSeach Connector will enable users carry out document searches, retrieval and presumably email management -- as that is one of the principal features of WebSearch -- from the most commonly used desktop applications.

WebSearch And Security

While the company cites in this respect Microsoft Office applications, they have not said what other applications it might serve, which is a pity because the features that are now available with WebSearch are pretty impressive, and increasingly attractive as the double-headed hydra of compliance and eDiscovery gets more and more active.

We say this because Doculex has been adding a number of new security features to the email management component of WebSearch.

Unauthorized Content

In May, for example, it added a security feature that detects unauthorized and inappropriate content in emails.

Using a filter, it monitors the content of email crossing a server using key words or phrases established by the system’s administrator as inappropriate, or unauthorized, and comes with a built in ability to inform system administrators when there have been breaches.

This also came with the ability to capture all circulating emails, organize them and their attachments, and archive them, effectively managing the entire life cycle of emails.

dtSearch Options

Prior to that -- and of particular interest to those conducting document searches -- it integrated more than two dozen search options by search specialist dtSearch, including Unicode support for hundreds of international languages and the ability to store over a terabyte of data in a single index.

WebSearch And Document Management

And then there’s the document management element of WebSearch. Amongst the many other features are:

  • Ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Securely share content without user logins
  • Auto notification available for assignment to files and folders
  • Automated classifying of records to a particular series
  • File indexing of documents added via MFP, FAX or electronically generated files

And all this with one little connector. It’s easy to download and completely free.