If you haven’t got your Christmas shopping done yet, there’s a pile of new document management software that’s worth a look. SAP and OpenText have upgraded NetWeaver, Microsoft and Nokia have new apps for Symbian, Version One goes to R2.2, KnowledgeTree releases ExplorerCP and SmartVault has a new service update.

SAP, OpenText Upgrade NetWeaver

In a move that makes it easier for customers to manage documents and website content within the SAP NetWeaver Portal component, SAP has expanded its relationship with OpenText.

The agreement adds two new applications to SAP NetWeaver Portal, which were developed by SAP together with OpenText:

  • SAP Portal Content Management application by OpenText, an enterprise solution for managing document-related content
  • SAP Portal Site Management application by OpenText, a solution that helps a broad number of users easily manage Web content.

SAP Portal Content Management helps streamline content management processes by integrating content with the workflows and resources available in SAP NetWeaver Portal.

The joint statement from the company says that it improves the efficiency of content creation, management and storage processes while supporting user collaboration and communication. Centralized access minimizes inconsistent, erroneous data while document audit trails and permissions management feature enhanced content security.

SAP Portal Site Management allows a broad set of users within an organization to create and manage the Web content across multiple portal sites and pages hosted within SAP NetWeaver Portal.

MS, Nokia Doc Organization for Symbian

Microsoft and Nokia agreed earlier in the year to work together on apps for Symbian Belle. The companies announced at Nokia World that progress has finally been made and that the first set of releases should be out by the end of the year.

Among them is OneNote, PowerPoint Broadcaster and Microsoft Document Connection. While this will be of interest to document-junkies from the Document Connection perspective, the second set of releases that are due out early next year will probably be even more interesting.

That release will consist of native versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all of which appeared in beta form at Nokia World.

The second set of releases provide a timely replacement to Quickoffice and will become the default applications for handling Microsoft Office on Symbian phones. 

KnowledgeTree ExplorerCP Release

Meanwhile, cloud-based document management vendor KnowledgeTree, has announced KnowledgeTree ExplorerCP, a cross-platform desktop tool for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux operating systems.

The new desktop application joins KnowledgeTree's existing set of document management tools accessible via the web, Microsoft Office, Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Business users will be able to organize, edit and manage documents and processes using the tools that make them the most productive.

KnowledgeTree ExplorerCP, built using HTML5 web technologies, provides a simple, intuitive desktop interface to KnowledgeTree's cloud document management service.

With it, users can search for available files in their secure online vault and open them in an associated productivity application with a simple double-click, simplifying and speeding up user access to important documents.

If you’re interested, teams can sign-up for a free trial here.

VersionOne Releases V2.2

Document management and imaging software author, VersionOne is launching Release 2.2 (R2.2), the latest version of its document management product suite.

R2.2 will offer a complete modernization of VersionOne's paperless office solutions. According to VersionOne, the new version will include features such as ‘one-click’ scanning and ‘drag and drop’ manipulations of documents.

R2.2 will also offer a new search tool, DbWebRetrieve, which will enable end-users to personally tailor their viewing experience, enabling them to view documents more quickly and efficiently. The new DbLogin function will also provide centralized user management and support for Windows logins.

SmartVault's Service Upgrade

Finally, SaaS document storage specialist SmartVault, has announced a major year-end service update, which will provide a common document management solution where users can view and exchange files across applications and from any browser to streamline business processes

New features in the service update are scheduled for release on November 15 and include:

  • Email Notifications
  • Full Text Search
  • Quick Start Service

In October, SmartVault also released a major update to their Software Developer Kit (SDK).

The main enhancement was the inclusion of REST API’s, which provide a platform-independent API to develop web, desktop and mobile-based applications that can integrate with SmartVault.