Mobile file sharing technology provider Accellion is extending its kitepoint external file sharing tool to provide mobile users with secure access to content in enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

By integrating kitepoint with its Mobile Productivity Suite, Accellion says it is enabling mobile users to securely create, edit, view and collaborate on files and file shares stored in ECM systems behind corporate firewalls. This includes Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Windows File Shares. No VPN is required.

Users can also create and edit enterprise files when offline for later loading into the ECM and version control ensures all edits and changes are made to the “document of record.” The kitepoint extension works as a secure, containerized solution and can be deployed on a private cloud with central provisioning and security policy management across all content.

According to Cloud Pro, Accellion is attempting to solve the “Dropbox problem” of corporate data leaking unsecured onto mobile devices. A Cloud Pro article quotes Accellion executives as saying that in addition to allowing users to keep data securely on their network, the new kitepoint extension also permits users to “access your content, check it out onto your mobile, make some changes, you can share it on with people, and return it to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system,” making it “almost like having a PC in your pocket.” 

Doing More with the Mobile Productivity Suite

Accellion only released the Mobile Productivity Suite about a month ago, and it is interesting the vendor is already trying to extend its functionality. An integrated part of the Accellion Mobile App, the Mobile Productivity Suite lets iOS users create, edit, view and collaboratively share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files within a secure container. In addition, the suite enables users to securely share photos directly from a mobile device’s camera roll or picture library.


With this release, Accellion already positioned itself as a bulwark against the growing threat to enterprise security posed by the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. Employees using non-approved mobile devices with little or no security put corporate files and data at risk of leakage or outright theft. Accellion says the Mobile Productivity Suite “eliminates the risk of enterprise data leaks from employees opening, editing and sharing documents using unapproved consumer apps."

Accellion, Inc. is a private company with more than 11 million users and 1,700 corporate and government users. Accellion file sharing solutions can be deployed in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Accellion Mobile File Sharing with Kitepoint will be available from April.