San Antonio, Texas-based startup has raised $1 million and launched a new software platform that it claims helps you better understand and leverage your most loyal customers.

The company will use an established loyalty metric and methodology known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to rank the loyalty of a customer database.'s software will use NPS to help companies understand how loyal their customers are and cultivate the strongest "promoters" to help build the company's products and brands.

Get Loyal

2014-4-December-Chad-Keck.jpg's CEO and Founder, Chad Keck, has a long history and experience with the NPS, which he used to leverage customer loyalty at Rackspace and AppFog (acquired by CenturyLink).

"Using the Net Promoter Score helps gauge who their most loyal customers are," he said. "The most loyal customers are the most profitable customers and they are the most likely to refer your company to friends and family."

The software will operate like many cloud-based marketing applications -- you log in and start analyzing. The core function of the platform is to conduct regular surveys of your customer base and rank the loyalty of individuals and the group. This establishes the Net Promoter Score.

Keck's a big believer in NPS. He says it has been used to build some of the country's greatest companies, including Amazon, Apple and Zappos. "The best thought-leading customer experience companies all use it," says Keck.

Big Name Backers

Keck's roots in using NPS are deep. In addition, Fred Reichheld, the inventor of NPS, is an investor and advisor to Other investors include Lew Moorman, Pat Condon and Pat Matthews of Rackspace, the Geekdom Fund and MaxCDN.

Strategic advisors include Rackspace Chairman Graham Weston and Geekdom Fund Partner Don Douglas.

Once companies use the platform's analytics to understand their customer base, they can change the way they drive organic growth, collect feedback and reduce customer churn, Keck claimed. The platform has been tested by Rackspace, TeamSnap, ZenPayroll, MaxCDN, SmugMug, Groove, LiveChat, Baremetrics and dozens more, he added. will use the standard cloud-marketing software business model: It's available on a monthly plan depending on the number of users, staring at $49 a month and scaling up depending on the size of the company. There is no annual contract. was founded in 2013 and currently has five employees. The software beta was launched in April.