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[24]/7 Catches, Scores

In a move that could “take them to the next level,” [24]7 announced its acquisition this week of a digital self-service technology solutions provider, Toronto, Ontario-based IntelliResponse. 

PV Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Campbell, Calif.-based [24]7, pumped up the team saying: “Customer experience is the new battleground and combining forces enables us to bring to enterprises the full breadth of self-service and assisted service solutions needed to win.” 

David Lloyd, president of IntelliResponse, said he was looking forward to "delivering world class digital self-service solutions.”

Kannan and Lloyd claim this combination will create “a seamless customer service solution which benefits enterprises and customers through” higher self-service success rates, greater customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates through targeted chat, improved insights across channels and decreased operational costs.

Onapsis Exercises Option, Picks New SVP


Onapsis, headquartered in Boston, added a new name to its roster: Stephen Higgins, senior vice president of customer experience, services and solutions.

Higgins will manage the customer experience, services and solutions team, with responsibility for "ensuring that implementation and support is in line with customer expectations.” Mariano Nunez, CEO of Onapsis, called Higgins "a perfect fit."

Higgins claimed Onapsis is "focused on the right areas and isn’t afraid to break the IT mold.”

TeleTech’s Expansion Team Redefines CX

TeleTech Holdings, based in Denver, Colo., announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Humanify, “created to help companies reinvent how they interact with customers in today’s highly connected, mobile world.” 

“We created Humanify to push the limits on what’s possible and establish a new standard for customer engagement," said Ken Tuchman, chairman and chief executive officer of TeleTech.


As part of the expansion, TeleTech brought in a new quarterback — aka CEO:  Mike Betzer.

“It is a new world, one where the customer is squarely in charge,” said Betzer, claiming Humanify will improve customer experience while reducing costs.

For its new playbook, Humanify is releasing EXPERTconnect, a platform that “matches customers not only to relevant information, databases and resources, but also to company experts who share their interests and passions.”

Let’s see if they make the playoffs with this strategy.

Can This Team Hit It Out of the Park?

Vanilla Forums, based in Montreal, Quebec, and “rising star” Brand a Trend GmbH headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, have integrated Brand a Trend’s SUMMICS into Vanilla’s Administration Dashboard for community discussion forums.

From the bullpen: “The two companies have chosen to collaborate to create a unique product offering of technologies for language processing, interpretation and analysis, which in turn will be used to reveal community topics, trends and brand insight in real time.”

Luc Vezina, CEO of Vanilla Forums, stated, “We have integrated SUMMICS to complement our existing analytics and provide our customers the same kind of analytics technology found in significantly higher priced competing solutions.”

Sounds like a whole new ballgame.

Ozonetel and Zoho Form Doubles

Ozonetel this week served an ace with its announcement of integration with Zoho CRM, providing businesses with “a cost effective, enhanced customer management solution.”

Ian Wenig, vice president of business development at Zoho, “We are very pleased to partner with India's first cloud communications platform provider and look forward to working together with our joint customer base." 

CSN Murthy, CEO and founder of Ozonetel, said the integration helps create a "seamless and non-intrusive access to communication tools for business productivity."

He claimed the new product, Cloudagent, can be set up in minutes with no IT spend or expensive equipment, used with customers' existing telephone systems, runs in any web browser and seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM.

Could it be game, set, match?