ActOn Marries Marketing Automation Web Phone Calls

People still make phone calls?

Act-On Software believes so. And the marketing automation provider is teaming up with a company whose platform tracks calls from websites and provides call analytics.

Act-On and Ifbyphone partner today in a merger where marketing automation meets call tracking. The companies announced the news today at the SMX East conference in New York. The merger enables Act-On's digital marketing customers, officials from each company say, to leverage Ifbyphone’s data to track calls from website visitors.

Making Most of Calls

Act-On is a Beaverton, Ore.-based provider cited by Forrester as one of the top in the industry. It added capabilities in July that officials boast give marketers flexibility and control to customize individual user experiences and reports based on unique business processes.

In mid-2013, Act-On added inbound marketing capabilities and a new mobile app.  

Today, Act-On dives into what it feels is a growing opportunity for marketers to understand prospect call behavior and ultimately convert leads. Gal Josefsberg, vice president of product management at Act-On Software, said in a statement that the strategic partnership "augments phone leads with marketing automation benefits, enabling customers to more effectively measure the impact of their multi-channel marketing programs.” He added:

The Ifbyphone and Act-On integration enhances a marketer’s ability to tailor campaigns based on prospect interest; invaluable to modern marketers looking to personalize the buying experience.”

Title image by Stanislaw Tokarski (Shutterstock).