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Open Text (news, site) launched Open Text Media Management 7, the next version of its Artesia-acquisition-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) product.

Among new features -- redesigned user interface, business process management automation; as well as integration with ECM, WCM and mobile devices.

New Features in Version 7

The new UI for Open Text Media Management is built entirely in Flash, where you can use the Navigation Panel to browse folders representing your business structure. There's also a capability to do search, manage and inherit metadata (see video here) and browse categories, notifications, processes.

Other new features include:

  • Asset Inspector: to pull together metadata, metadata editing and other tools and options for one asset into one clear place.
  • SOAP APIs were used to build the new UI.
  • Derivative assets allowing the option to copy assets and to maintain a link to the master asset. Thus, creating derivatives, such as cropped or recolored photos, while maintaining a link to the original asset.
  • Field level security for tracking confidential information that comes along with an asset. Field level security lets you restrict access to certain fields, while allowing broader access to others.
  • Metadata standards to enable users to enter rich metadata at each stage in an asset’s lifecycle.
  • Export profiles in order to be able to export profiles and define templates for how each content type should get packaged and delivered for each destination type.
  • Field level locking to enforce that some fields are not be changed once they are set. Field locking prevents changing a metadata value regardless of permissions settings.
  • Double byte language support for Asian and Arabic languages.
  • Media Catalog that allows for defining various clip types, clipping and annotating within the video asset inspector.

New Open Text Media Management UI

Sorting Assets by Categories in the New UI

new ui properties.jpg
Getting Properties in the New UI

The new Business Process Management (BPM) tier has been introduced to allow for workflow and process automation within various steps of BPM.

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Steps of Business Process Management

ECM, WCM, DAM and mobile integration is delivered as part of the recently announced Open Text mobile strategy, where Media Management 7 is integrated with the Open Text ECM Suite, allowing rich media managers to utilize workflow and lifecycle management capabilities of the ECM Suite. Features designed to work with workflow to ensure that the four core media processes (production, management, publication and reuse) work smoothly.

workflow ecm.jpg
Workflow in Media Manager

Web CMS capabilities are integrated via the recently released Vignette Content Management 8 and the ability to manage digital media from mobile devices using Open Text Everywhere.

The Big Picture

Yes, we are all aware that rich media may be difficult to manage. Open Text’s “two-click” solution to the problem looks like this:

idealistic open text dam.png
Idealistic Open Text DAM Picture for CMOs

While nice in theory, in practice much more work may need to happen before this idealistic picture becomes realistic.

What Is Coming Up

As with other initiatives, Open Text plans to utilize Nstein’s Text Mining Engine (TME) from its most recent acquisition in Media Management 7.