Another DAM week gone by. And, in this week’s digital asset management news, Cumulus integrates with Viki, there are updates for Brandworkz, Widen and WebDAM, the Library of Congress asks about orphaned works and creative agencies just love asset management.

Cumulus + Viki Through Vproof

Integrator/developer Moksa has released an API for Canto’s Cumulus DAM system that integrates the Viki Solutions virtual proofing application. Called Vproof, the API stack allows Cumulus owners, such as prepress, packaging and commercial print companies, to collaborate and proof content while in the Cumulus environment.

Cumulus provides creative content management for print reproduction, and the Vproof integration covers the annotation and approval cycles, all within Cumulus. Viki Solutions offers online proofing and approval workflow for the graphics communications industry.

The companies said that the integration creates a system with online collaboration, color management and workflow combined with digital asset management, in a single unified environment.

Brandworkz Reaches 5.1

Brandworkz has announced version 5.1 of its cloud-based brand management software. New features include hierarchical metadata, which intelligently assigns attributes for an asset to the correct structure, such as a Vancouver cityscape also showing up in searches for British Columbia.

There’s also now video transcoding between formats, and multi-language support that will find an asset tagged with, say, “town,” when the user has switched to French and searches for “ville.”

Widen Updates Its DAM

Speaking of Widen, an update to its DAM system features a new digital watermarking integration, enhanced analytics and enhanced PDF exporting. There’s also a new Web services SOAP API for querying and extracting metadata or images, and the company has announced DAM Administrative Services for day-to-day management of assets and users.

DAM Updates for WebDAM

And speaking of new features, WebDAM has announced several. Among them: hierarchical support and a taxonomy builder for its controlled vocabulary. This means, for instance, that a user can place all the models of the Dodge car brand under that term, and, when searching for Charger, the system offers Dodge as an option.

A U.S. Home for Orphans?

Last week, we noted that the European Union has adopted new guidelines about how non-profit organizations – and, in some cases, commercial organizations – can handle assets that do not have clear copyright protection. Now, the U.S. Copyright Office has issued a Notice of Inquiry to say that it is also “reviewing the problem of orphan works,” and it wants to hear from the public.

Creative Agencies Heart DAM

Creative agencies and digital asset management systems were made for each other. Frank Chagoya, Executive Print Manager for Asset Management at Leo Burnett USA, should know. In an interview on the website of DAM vendor Widen Media Collective, Chagoya points out the three must-haves for successful adoption of a DAM system at a creative agency: assigning a DAM champion, tracking each asset’s lifecycle and remaining focused on change.