This week we look at why DAM started, its role in social media strategy, what you should know before starting a DAM initiative and benefits of DAM software.

Why DAM Started

In Digital Asset Management: Let's Not Forget Why it Started, author James Freeman-Gray says, "DAM is one of the by-products of a new way of marketing and engaging with customers. It's an expression of a more relationship focused method to interact with customers. It's also why a fundamental perspective change is needed on how businesses communicate." He examines how DAM builds engagement and helps businesses communicate with their customers.

DAM in Social Media Strategy

In an article on, Jody Vandergriff, co-founder of WebDAM Solutions, explains, "Images and videos create a level of engagement that cannot be achieved with text alone. In fact, according to the social search engine, Topsy, over the course of 2011 Twitter’s photo sharing has grown by 421 percent, and in December alone having 58.4 million photos shared."

She looks at a recent McDonald's Twitter campaign for the Shamrock Shake, which engaged customers by allowing them to contribute photos. She notes that a campaign like this isn't easy to orchestrate, but even small teams can drive user engagement and hit higher levels of social media ROI with help from the right rich media management tools.

Mobilizing DAM Initiatives

On April 4, the third session in the Get Dynamic with Digital Assets webinar series will look at what you need to know before starting a DAM initiative. Topics include:

  • What stalls DAM projects? How do you ensure you will avoid these pitfalls?
  • How does approaching DAM as an operational capability, rather than as a system with specific functionality, impact prospects for success?
  • Should the complexity of DAM projects in terms of cross-department workflow, governance and overall eco-system be addressed up front or after things get rolling?
  • Should there be a commitment to establishing permanent DAM services before a project is mobilized?
  • What are some ways to provide evidence that business case benefits are realistic?

Session recording and slide decks are available on the Earley & Associates site.

Benefits of DAM Software

On the company blog, Widen's Jake Athey looks at the core benefits of digital asset management software. In short, he says benefits include the ability to find, organize, share, get and use rich media.

ResourceSpace DAM

If you are interested in exploring free and open source, web-based digital asset management, ResourceSpace has a couple of videos you might want to check out. The first video introduces the ResourceSpace solution, and episode 2 explains how to configure it.


What's the difference between media asset management (MAM) and DAM solutions? In a post on the Real Story Group site, Kashyap Kompella looks at the different solutions and explains, "A media asset management (MAM) solution is usually part of broadcaster's efforts to tame the video beast. Broadcasters sometimes refer to a MAM product as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) product."