Well, that DAM week is over. And, in recent digital asset management news, Netx combines with ConceptShare, ADAM 5 and TACTIC 4.0 emerge, DAMNY 2013 is now a memory and Brandworkz unveils multiple version outputting.

Netx + ConceptShare

DAM vendor Netx has announced an integration with creative workflow platform ConceptShare. The companies said the integration, available both in the cloud and on premises, combines ConceptShare’s multi-tier review/approval workflows with Netx’s automated workflows, which include asset transcoding, syndication, sharing and publishing.


From the ConceptShare Web site

ADAM 5 Launches

The boundary where DAM ends and a marketing platform begins is getting harder and harder to see. In its release this week of the new ADAM 5 platform, ADAM Software described it as the harbinger of “a new era of collaborative enterprise marketing” that helps to eliminate silos, and the DAM vendor didn’t even mention digital asset management in its announcement.

The new version offers expanded capabilities for creating a single, worldwide asset base with a workflow and delivery mechanism, open integration with IT architectures, a rebuilt search and a redesigned interface.

Southpaw Unveils TACTIC 4.0

Speaking of major new releases, Southpaw Technology has taken the wraps off version 4.0 of its open source TACTIC DAM software. Enhancements include a new plug-in architecture, configurable HTML5 themes, and an extended data connection technology for mapping to any dB or file system.

DAM NY, Silos and a Great Mixed Drink

DAM New York sounds like the outburst of a frustrated taxi driver battling midtown Manhattan traffic. But, more relevant to any reader of this column, it is also Henry Stewart Events’ annual convocation and trade show of all things DAM, which took place at the New York Hilton last week.

While there were no breakthrough announcements, the conference showed a maturing industry category with powerful systems evolving in the directions of marketing, media production, delivery to multiple channels and devices, and possibly new uses and forms of metadata.

In fact, a lot of DAMNY was about getting the right mix of digital assets with other systems. Although no one seems to defend organizational silos, there are still apparently a lot of them out there, and a variety of sessions, like a panel on “DAM and Its Future for Broadcast, Media and Entertainment,” talked about various efforts to get to a post-silo DAM future.

Two other DAM sessions suggested some future paths that the technology could take toward a new level of Intelligent-DAM, as collections become larger and channels become far more numerous than we now experience.

Of course, what good is a conference without a few good after-conference drinks? Almost as good, Theresa Regli, Principal and Managing Director of The Real Story Group, brought the DAM-as-a-good-mixed-drink metaphor right into one session. The hangover, of course, is what you get when you treat DAM and related systems as those reviled silos.

Brandworkz’ Web-to-Mobile and Web-to-Digital

Finally, London-based Brandworkz has announced “Web-to-Mobile” and “Web-to-Digital” functionality to download images automatically from its DAM system, in the correct format and version for mobile websites and banner advertising, respectively. The company said the new capability allows a user to “click just one button” in order to output “multiple versions of the same high resolution asset.”

Jens Lundgaard, Brandworkz’ founder and CEO, said in a statement that this “mobile responsive layout production engine” can generate specific format requirements for the iPhone 5, 4 and 3, iPads and such Android devices as the Samsung Galaxy S4, or for multiple banner sizes, thus saving time by creating “the same image in multiple formats in seconds.”