The DAM Lowdown was off last week, but that didn’t stop the DAM news. This week we have highlights from NAB 2011, another acquisition by KIT Digital, product and people updates from ADS, a new iPad app for Hollywood production and more Quick Hits.

NAB 2011 Highlights

The National Association of Broadcasters convened its annual conference earlier this month in Las Vegas. From April 9 to 14, over 90,000 professionals from over 150 countries participated in nine conferences and three training programs including over 500 skill-building sessions.

The gathering featured over 1500 companies distributed across more than 800,000 square feet of exhibition floor space. These are just a few of the announcements from the event:

Equilibrium Releases MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 2010 Online

Equilibrium (news, site), a digital asset and media manager, has partnered with NetConnect to create the first hosted visual collaboration and asset management system for SharePoint 2010.

In essence, Equilibrium has combined the enterprise version of the MediaRich ECM with Team Portal from NetConnect to create the aforementioned SharePoint 2010 solution. Users can work with over 400 different file types from within a centralized SharePoint 2010 portal without installing third-party software.

Crawford Media Unveils Web-Based Asset Management System

Atlanta-based Crawford Media Services demonstrated its entry into the increasingly crowded hosted asset management market. Creatively named "Crawford's Media Asset Management," the web-based system is intended to be customizable and re-brandable for individual clients.

What clients? How about: the United Nations, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and World Wrestling Entertainment? For more information, check out this video:

Crawford's Web-Based Asset Management Demo from Crawford Media Services on Vimeo.

CET Universe Releases Update to Constellation Platform

Originally launched in March 2009, the latest version (5.6) of the Constellation asset and storage management system offers integration with Avid and Final Cut Pro. Updates to the user interface enable search, retrieval and manipulation of assets without having to touch the original master version of the content.

CET Universe also announced that the new version of the Constellation platform will be integrated into its existing line of hardware appliances:

  • Andromeda Server -- plug-and-play DAM server appliance
  • Fusion Drive -- combines four hard drives in one interface that can be attached to a laptop
  • Archive Station -- on set/near set video capture system for file-based workflow

Dalet Launches Dalet Media Life

Dalet Media Systems, another media asset management (MAM) solution provider, showed its flagship product, Dalet Media Life. Targeted at high-volume program producers -- think broadcast networks and thematic channels -- Dalet Media Life is designed to optimize program and promo workflows.

Dalet Media Life is touted as being "designed on modern IT capabilities." In other words, this MAM solution leverages open standards and a service oriented architecture.

Dalet Media Life Logical Architecture

Atempo Demonstrates Archiving Solutions

Atempo used this year's NAB show as an opportunity to show how its data protection and data archiving solutions can be used in the media and entertainment industry. Another solution touting an open architecture, Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) represents a highly scalable and flexible file archiving solution.

ADA integrates with the following products for workflow management:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server
  • Building4Media FORK
  • Data Frameworks ClarityNow!
  • Square Box CatDV

Furthermore, ADA can also be integrated into homegrown workflow packages using XML for managing metadata.

KIT Digital Acquires ioko

KIT Digital's (news, site) appetite for acquisition is showing no signs of slowing down. In a recent DAM Lowdown, we covered the acquisition of Polymedia, a provider of IP video platform provisioning. We warned you then that it wasn't done, and we were right.

KIT Digital follows that purchase up by adding multi-screen video delivery services provider ioko to its growing list of acquisitions. Ioko provides its multi-screen video delivery services via a managed cloud-based platform.

Along with the established platform, ioko's client list also made it an attractive target. The aforementioned client list includes a few names you may recognize: AT&T, Disney, Electronic Arts, Samsung and Univision. Also, the BBC used ioko for the launch of iPlayer.

Even after dropping US $74 million in cash plus over 1.5 million restricted shares of common stock, KIT Digital appears to still be on the hunt. I predict another appearance for KIT Digital in the Lowdown before the end of 2012.

Product, People Updates from ADS

After encouraging the industry to go tapeless in a recent edition of the Lowdown, Advanced Data Services returns with both people and product news.

On the personnel side, ADS appoints Thomas Engdahl as President and CEO. Mr. Engdahl has worked in telecommunications and content delivery for 30 years and holds six patents. ADS is looking to Engdahl to lead technology innovation and the continued expansion of the ADS brand.

Engdahl had this to say:

ADS has an unparalleled reputation for customer satisfaction, driven by the simple principle of delivering on our promises. With opportunities for innovation at an all-time high, we recognize that innovation is a key to our continued growth and industry leadership."

Along with a new leader, ADS also announced the availability of its next-generation digital asset management platform, ADS-Xpress. ADS-Xpress is another web-based asset management solution that also integrates with mobile devices such as the Apple iPad.

ADS is known for helping its customers manage the storage of assets on videotape. ADS is also a vocal proponent of media companies moving away from videotape as the primary storage medium. With ADS-Xpress, ADS now provides an in-house solution for customers to move away from tape to digital methodologies.

Sample Digital Releases iPad App

iPads will soon be as prevalent in Hollywood as paparazzi and cosmetic surgery. If you're a freelancer, you need to get one now. If you run a company and you aren't providing them to your employees, you might want to consider it.

Sample Digital is the latest technology company to offer a product specifically designed for the Apple tablet. This entry is an iPad app providing access to Sample Digital's subscription service called dax|Mobile with iDailies.

Working over 3G or Wifi, dax|Mobile with iDailies allows users to authenticate via the iPad and securely stream media and manage titles, projects, dailies reels, photos and documents (think scripts and production reports). 

Quick Hits

What's the biggest lesson I learned from taking a week off from the Lowdown? Don't take off the week of NAB. As you can see, there is a ton of news from the past two weeks. Despite the length of this week's Lowdown, I have three more stories to finish up with.

Daydream Releases Whitepaper: Digital Asset Management Hosting For Marketing Managers

As more DAM vendors offer cloud-based options for their platforms, the decision to manage digital assets internally or externally is getting more difficult. Daydream tries to help by offering 10 criteria for evaluating the multitude of solutions.

3|Share Launches Remote Operations Management Suite for CQ5

3|Share, an Adobe Systems Solutions Partner, shows a little love for the IT departments that have to keep all these super-cool DAM systems up and running. In this case, the super-cool DAM system is Adobe Systems Day CQ5 and the offering is a remote operations management suite (ROM).

If you are trying to sell CQ5 internally and you want the IT Director on your side, include this product in your budget proposal. Trust me.

Celum Opens Research and Development Center in Linz, Austria

In a recent Lowdown, we touted the push by celum into the international arena. Celum backs the promise up with the opening of the ARK 1 R&D center in Linz, Austria. The new office can house up to 90 employees and will be the central location for all of celum's research and development.


I know we went really long this week. I sincerely appreciate you sticking with me until the end. Please keep spreading the Lowdown via Twitter and the comments are always open for you to let me know how I can make this column more useful.

Have a great week!