It’s been another DAM week … and in this past week’s digital asset management news, Front Porch Digital and Nuxeo update, axel video gets radically simple, Amazon hearts CORS, and some thoughts about EMI’s needs and filenames’ possibilities.

Updated Front Porch

Front Porch Digital’s DIVAdirector media asset management system has been updated with new features designed to make its digital file management easier.

The Web-based app works in tandem with content stored on DIVArchive CSM systems, and version 5.1 of DIVAdirector is optimized for organizations that use the Annecy, France-based company’s new LYNX platform for cloud-based publishing. Version 5.1 itself is available as either a cloud service or as an on-premises installation.

Rino Petricola, senior vice president and managing director of the company, said in a statement that “cloud operations are going to dominate the industry, so we’ve developed version 5.1 to address LYNX-specific workflows and requirements.” One of the new features offers the ability for a single DIVAdirector system to show the enterprise content view of assets stored on different archive systems, whether they are local, cloud-based or a combination.

Simple, Simple and Simple

Boston-based axel video, a startup that is focused on making media management simple and affordable for small to midsized production teams, has introduced its version 1.0.

The company said its inaugural application is designed around two concepts -- radical simplicity, with minimal changes to existing file organizations and workflows, and a hybrid cloud that integrates local and cloud media management. Users can utilize the app from whatever device they choose, including computers, iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

Amazon S3 Hearts CORS

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) announced last week that it will be supporting the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) specification to its API. This spec, if supported by other hosting services, will allow Web apps to access assets on other sites or servers, without some of the complexity normally required for such integration.

Nuxeo Released 5.6

Open source vendor Nuxeo has released version 5.6 of its platform, an integrated environment for DAM, content management, document management, case management and social collaboration. New features in the platform include adaptive workflow, visual workflow design and definable action buttons. Check out more details on Nuxeo 5.6.

Food for Thought

What are the key features in building a successful media asset management system? One of the best people on the planet to ask would be Richard Piercy, EVP for transformation and digital supply chain at the major record label EMI Music -- which is exactly what IP & TV News did last week.

And speaking of strategic planning, has taken a look at how to use Filenames as a Strategy to Managing Your Image Assets.