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DAMglossary.org needs your help.

You may have read my call for a DAM Glossary from February 2013. Recently, Ralph Windsor started http://damglossary.org using a previously existing DAM Glossary. This publicly available website has no sponsors, is freely available, is as vendor neutral as we can hope for and allows users to append to this DAM Glossary (after registering). But the DAM Glossary is not yet complete. There are plenty of words, terms and definitions still missing. In order for the DAM community to benefit from this DAM glossary, we need to append these missing items.

The DAM Community Wants Your Insights

Now the DAM community needs your help to append this DAM glossary with all the missing DAM words and their respective definitions. Look at it and see which words/terms are missing. Earlier, I found a few terms missing off the top of my head, such as:

  • Rendition (not the CIA's version)
  • SAAS
  • Transformation (not related to that movie with similar title)

You may find other missing words/terms and other respective definitions in a vendor neutral sense. All you need to do is register on http://damglossary.org/register and apply the missing words/terms/definitions.

Why Should We Append the DAM Glossary?

Several vendors (you know who you are) use special words regularly in their marketing, documentation instruction, consulting and user interface. When you ask for a glossary of terms with definitions, it rarely includes all those super special words they use.

If you were to ask three people who work for the same vendor for the definition of a particular word they used, you may get more than three different definitions. Some vendors themselves have not yet defined these special words in writing internally, but still use them externally. Not only is this unacceptable, but this confusion propagates fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the DAM community and market itself.


If we are going to listen to or use special DAM words/terms to explain functionality and tools in the DAM space, these better be defined either in the common dictionary or in damglossary.org. If they aren't, point them out and ask for written definitions. Then have the definitions shared with everyone on damglossary.org. That way we will not have to be asked constantly what does that [frustrated] word mean and why does everyone we ask have a [completely] different definition for it.

Start appending the DAM Glossary for the sake of clarity, consistency, transparency and knowledge sharing throughout the global DAM Community.

Image Courtesy of Gayvoronskaya_Yana (Shutterstock)