brightcove_logo_2010.jpgContinuing its expansion in the Asia Pacific region, Brightcove (news, site) has recently announced the launch of its Australia headquarters in Sydney, citing a fast-growing market for on-demand video in the country. Brightcove also announced partnerships with clients in various industries, such as real estate, media and fashion.

Businesses and marketing companies in Australia have been using Brightcove’s online video platform since its foundation in 2004, and usage has grown since. This local growth was cited as one of the reasons for Brightcove opening shop in the country. Brightcove chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire expressed optimism with the projected rise in demand for online, on-demand video in the country.

“With the launch of local operations and a great new team in Sydney, we are excited to roll out our latest platform innovations to help customers and partners across the country take advantage of the online video opportunity across website destinations, social networks and connected devices,” Allaire said.

Brightcove has appointed Mark Blair as Senior Director for Asia Pacific and Peter Graves as Regional Sales Director. Both will report to Dennis Rose, Brightcove’s vice president for the Asia Pacific region, who also oversees the company’s South Korea headquarters.

Video Advantages in the Real Estate Market and Other Industries

Among Brightcove’s new partners in Australia, will particularly benefit from on-demand video offerings. The Australian property market is currently in a controlled slowdown, but the finance sector is optimistic about a turnaround in the real estate industry by the start of 2011.

As the value of houses and other real properties see an improvement,’s agents will soon be able to utilize Brightcove’s platform to showcase the properties they are selling, particularly for virtual tours supported by on-demand video content. “The Australian property market is a compelling space for high-quality online video experiences,” said CIO Daniel Oertli.

Apart from the real estate market, Brightcove also has partnerships with businesses in other industries, such as media firm DMG Media and fashion retail house AussieBum. Partners also include marketing firms The Frame Group, Daemon, RocketBoots, and Gruden. The company is expected to announce further additions to its partner and client portfolio in Australia in the coming months.

High Demand for Online Video Content

Australia features a rich market for on-demand video, and the current mix of content providers and platforms is still not enough to fill in this void. According to Jimmy Storrier of Australian online video startup Juno Interactive, there is an issue with accessibility, in terms of content and technology. He cited Australians as downloading more TV shows than any country in the world, although illegally. This can best be addressed with the provision of a solid on-demand video platform along with a good selection of legitimate content.