Zoho Provides Link Between CRM, Business Intelligence
Last month, Zoho launched a website builder tool designed to help non-technical users. This month, it continues its quest for simplification by releasing Zoho CRM – Reports integration, which will give Zoho CRM users access to advanced analytics features.

Adding CRM Support

They say that better analytics inspire better decisions, so what have Zoho CRM users been doing until now to gain a better understanding of their CRM data? They've probably been using a third-party plugin. Not that it's bad, it’s just one more layer to add to the process. Which is why Zoho decided that it was time not only to offer CRM and business intelligence, but to provide a link between them.

Linking to Reports

Zoho Reports comes with 70 pre-packaged reports, allowing users to create any number of ad hoc reports. Users can also share and embed, schedule and print their reports. Setup is easy as choosing the "Advanced CRM Analytics" app, configuring and selecting the fields to be imported in each module and syncing with your existing Zoho CRM data. Once the add-on is set up and initial data import has been completed, you have access to the add-on from with your reports tab.

Zoho CRM advanced analytics.png

Click the Reports tab to see the Advanced CRM Analytics (powered by Zoho Reports) link

Zoho CRM advanced analytics 2.png

Clicking the Advanced CRM Analytics link opens the Zoho CRM Reports database in a new browser window.

At present, the add-on is for Zoho CRM Enterprise accounts only, but there are plans to open it for CRM Professional accounts.