Online application provider Zoho is launching Zoho Campaigns, a campaign management app for reaching out to customers via email or social media.

The product can be integrated with Zoho CRM, its customer relationship management solution, and the company said the combined products can lead to more sales and better service. It gave the example of how CRM’s Contacts and Leads can be synchronized with Campaigns contacts, or campaign details about a customer can be viewed in the CRM.

Integrated Apps Speed Access to Information

Campaigns can also be used in tandem with other CRMs or apps so that contacts can be imported, and the new app includes open APIs for transferring data in and out.

Zoho spokesperson Raju Vegesna said in a statement that customers often “need to spend a lot of time and effort integrating different applications they use for sales automation, email marketing and customer support,” although the apps are not necessarily well integrated.

Vegesna added that, “with the bi-directional integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM, lists remain up-to-date and sales representatives can now see how customers acted on previous email marketing campaigns, right from within their CRM.”

With Campaigns, email marketing efforts can be created and scheduled, with such options as A/B test campaigns or chain campaigns. Real-time reports can be generated to track such metrics as opens, clicks, bounce backs and unsubscribes.

Social Channels, Editions

The tool can also be used to reach customers via social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with stats including Likes, Comments, Shares, Tweets and re-tweets.

In addition to its integration with Zoho CRM, Campaigns is also integrated with Google Apps to allow options such as synching of marketing with contacts in Google Contacts.

The new app is available in a subscription edition, with prices starting at US$ 5 monthly for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails, or per use, starting at US$ 6 for up to 250 emails. There is also a free edition, allowing users to add as many as 500 contacts and send out 2500 emails monthly.

Founded in 1996 and based in Pleasanton, California, Zoho provides a variety of online business, productivity and collaboration applications. The company said that, to date, it has launched more than two dozen apps, including CRM, mail, office productivity, project management, invoicing and Web conferencing, and that it currently has over six million customers worldwide.