Zoho has debuted a survey builder, appropriately named Zoho Survey, so companies can gather feedback from their customers, and the free tool includes analytics and the ability to launch surveys from a mobile device.


Unlimited Surveys, Build with an iPad

There are few more valuable tools a business can employ than a customer survey, and the fact Zoho has taken the time to create its own survey builder is proof of that. Not only do surveys provide deep customer feedback, they potentially give demographic information along with any associated metadata that can be analyzed.

Furthermore, the act of asking for feedback itself can help produce feelings of engagement from customers, whether or not any useful answers are actually found in the results. In other words, asking customers for feedback is a useful exercise for several reasons, and Zoho obviously sees its importance.

There's three levels of Zoho Survey for customers to check out, and all allow building unlimited numbers of surveys. The paid levels allow for more questions to be asked, and for more people to answer. The free version only allows up to 15 questions and up to 150 responses per survey. That could make it an alternative to SurveyMonkey perhaps, but not the kind of tool many companies might use.

The US$ 19 per month Standard version allows unlimited questions and up to 2000 responses per month. That's total responses, so it's not based on a per survey count, and the price goes up US$ 5 per 100 additional responses. Finally, there's the Professional version that's US$ 180 per year for unlimited everything.

For the iPad version, (above image) the free app can be downloaded and used for building the surveys, embedding them on websites and viewing reports. Results can then be shared out to social networks like Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well.

Customer Engagement Via Survey

Zoho offers a suite of tools, of course, and that means integrations of Survey with things like Zoho Campaigns and even MailChimp for distributing surveys via email. The surveys themselves are built by choosing from pre built question types, and the question order can even be changed based on how respondents answer (ie skipping questions).

Furthermore, surveys can be customized or styled via pre made templates, and can be previewed to see how they look across devices. There's even a way to allow a colleague to review the survey before it goes out with the Invite Reviewer feature. Zoho Survey seems like a decent enough offering, we're just not sure it's enough for the company to really differentiate itself due its already large array of product offerings.