zoho_logo_2010.jpg Zoho
announced interface improvements, adding a handy new LinkedIn integration, a business card view for contacts and a reorganized Setup page to help its users stay connected.

App Interaction

In a blog post on the Zoho site, Rodrigo Vaca, Vice President of Marketing, wrote:

A few months ago we started rolling out a preview of our new, totally-rebuilt Zoho CRM UI. We took a close, hard look at how users were interacting with our app, and how we could make it easier for them to achieve their daily goals. Our goal was to make users spend less time inside the Zoho CRM app, so they can spend more time selling."

This led to the interface improvements, such as a streamlined view of contacts and an easier way to incorporate notes to contacts.

The Setup page has been reorganized so that links are grouped under relevant headings. A business card view of information provides the contact's name, phone number and email address, and the notes section below displays past conversations.

The "Check Availability" feature helps users keep track of their scheduled appointments and meetings so they avoid overbooking.

Contacting and Prospecting

With the Professional and Enterprise Editions, the Pulse feature helps users follow and unfollow contacts and keep an eye on specific records or display prospects based on particular criteria.

All editions now allow users to associate LinkedIn profiles of leads and contacts in the Zoho CRM. This feature is available for the Leads and Contacts module and provides an easy way to keep up with LinkedIn posts or changes contacts make.