YouTube and Vimeo are adding features to make their services more appealing to video creators. YouTube is now offering its One Channel platform, formerly in beta, to all of its users, and Vimeo is allowing any Video Pro account holder to charge for access to videos. 

One Channel's Potential

YouTube One Channel was made available in beta last month. YouTube has now announced the availability of One Channel to all users, offering a new design that is intended to scale for browsers running on variously sized screens.  

One Channel also allows video makers to create and offer a channel trailer for converting visitors into subscribers, and an enhanced ability to organize videos. The trailer plays for unsubscribed visitors, and the channel owner can upload Channel Art for the header. It will only be a matter of time until brands take advantage of these new layouts.

YouTube One Channel.png
YouTube One Channel

Vimeo On Demand for Pros

Meanwhile, Vimeo, which has differentiated itself as a platform for high-quality video distribution, is now offering Vimeo On Demand for any holder of a Vimeo Pro account. Video makers can control access to their wares through geo-fencing and other functions, and they can set own prices for entry. Additionally, custom landing pages can be created, as can trailers that are offered to induce visitors into becoming video purchasers.

The site will keep only 10 percent of the sales revenue of the On Demand service. The New York City-based Vimeo reaches an estimated 85 million viewers monthly.

This is not the first time Vimeo has allowed its users to conduct business. 2012 saw the launch of Vimeo Pro, a low-cost video hosting service for businesses that was intended to compete with the likes of Brightcove. In September, the site unveiled a Tip Jar feature for Plus or Pro members that allowed visitors to click a button and donate anything between 99 cents and US$ 500. And, in November, the site started showing its pay-per-view service for feature-length fare, Movies.