yahoo_mail_app_logo.jpgYahoo is slowly turning its ship around and still has millions of email users, and might attract more with its new magazine-like approach to mail with a new iPad and Android app. 

Give Us A Big Yahoo

Despite plenty of effort, Yahoo really hasn't given users much big news to cheer about in recent years. The new mail app for iPad and Android tablets might just be about to change that, and pose a threat to Gmail, and other services. 

With Yahoo reducing its number of apps available down from over 70 to a more manageable 15, Marisa Mayer's leadership is focusing on customer experience and quality over a crushing weight of apps and content. The new Mail app brings decent sized images, pretty page curls and easier contact management to the fore. 

Taking advantage of the big screen space and gestures, there are some useful touch commands to navigate around with a swipe to move between messages, a full screen button to maximize the message and a tap to access the reply, delete, file or star options, all done with panache. 

Challenging Google and Microsoft

Yahoo's big rival has still failed to produce a credible Gmail app, although it is getting slowly better. And does look the part and has Microsoft's massive user base, but with the device market turning away from Microsoft products, how is it going to win over converts?



While Yahoo's new app might not spark a revolt, it could put pressure under Google to do better and with new crossover services like Twitter's music app, tablet users could start looking for better experiences from their apps beyond the status quo. Could Yahoo's new team be the ones to deliver such apps? It would be kind of cool to see that happen.