DAM/digital publishing technology provider WoodWing is releasing version 8.1 of its Enterprise multichannel publishing solution, with an emphasis on simplifying and optimizing the workflows that support multichannel publishing.


For example, the Content Station multichannel text editing tool now features a visual mode that gives users a preview of how articles will appear online or in print, regardless of whether the InDesign server is being used. Content Station can also now be used to drag-and-drop files into InDesign layouts, and a WoodWing panel displays dossiers relating to individual articles within the InDesign environment.

In addition, a new widget snapshot feature lets users take a frame on a page that contains an image or text and turn it into animation. Enterprise 8.1 also supports alternate layouts and WoodWing says 2013 “will be a busy year” for its development team, with more digital publishing widgets and further development of WoodWing's Digital Asset Management solution Elvis DAM planned.

Picking Up Where Version 8 Left Off

Enterprise 8.1 comes relatively soon after the September 2012 release of WoodWing Enterprise 8. While version 8.1 focuses more on enhancing actual editing and publishing capabilities, version 8 centered more on “under the hood” improvements such as speeding up file download, communication with third-party apps, starting tasks and creating dossiers. Version 8 did also offer some enhancements to Enterprise’s collaborative capabilities. With these improvements in place, version 8.1 now makes the day-to-day tasks of multichannel publishers a little easier to execute. It will be interesting to see where WoodWing goes with version 8.2 (beyond new widgets).

WoodWing Builds on Adobe Partnership

In addition to building on the behind-the-scenes improvements of Enterprise 8, WoodWing is also building on its partnership with Adobe, offering a number of enhancements to how WoodWing can be used within the InDesign environment. WoodWing became an Adobe Publishing Suite Value Added Reseller in October 2011, and as Adobe stated in a blog entry at the time, this gave WoodWing the advantage of being able to focus on its core multichannel publishing functionality. “The alliance between Adobe and WoodWing means that WoodWing can now fully focus on its editorial workflow business which is vital for large publishing organizations,” said Adobe. “The agreement is also a win for Adobe in that we gain a path to more quickly scale our Digital Publishing Suite business and serve a wider range of customers and geographies.”

Enterprise 8.1 is available at WoodWing’s community site.