build_logo.PNGAfter the, hopefully successful, launch of Windows 8 and a mass of new hardware, Microsoft will start in earnest its push for Windows 8 developers in late October with a Build 2.0 event in Redmond. Likely covering everything developers need to know for Windows 8, Server 2012, Azure and Visual Studio 2012, will it help kick start Microsoft's Marketplace?

Making the Market

Microsoft is going to launch and sell millions of computers and OS upgrades, assuming the October Windows 8 launch goes to plan. But when users storm through the doors of the new Windows Marketplace, they will find it rather bare compared to more established stores. 

To get it populated, Microsoft needs developers from around the world to be creating new applications or lightweight apps, porting existing ones for both enterprises and consumers. We've already had one build event last year, but with the OS feature set now firmed-up, developers have a better idea of what they are aiming for. 

With users on Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablets to aim for, developers potentially have a huge audience, but Microsoft will need to guide developers over the conversion process from previous generations, which the event's many sessions will aim to do. 

Booking Studio Time

With millions of PC users going to look for plenty of apps and customizations for their Metro experience, it might come as rather a shock to find just a few thousand apps spread across the various categories come launch. Naturally, Microsoft is aiming for a high-quality range of product across the store, so is being picky and choosy about what's there. 

But once inevitable user complaints that the store is a bit bare start flooding out, Microsoft will want the cavalry rolling in with many more thousands of apps. With Visual Studio Express 2012 and Blend available for free, there are fewer barriers to entry than in previous versions of Windows, but Build will be a starting point for thousands of developers to see how things are done, and learn some best practices and tricks up close and personal.

With the new Microsoft Office also on the way, there will likely be plenty of opportunity for the SharePoint and extended-Office crowd to learn new tricks there as well. Expect a formal agenda for the event soon, registration will begin on 8 August, with the event taking place from 20 October to 2 November.