Marketers and big data go together like -- well it depends on who you ask. There's no denying that when used appropriately, analytics can provide marketers with ways to leverage their customers' behaviors to improve how content created and relationships are cultivate. However, to say that all marketers are embracing analytics into their workflows isn't accurate. Let's look at the ways in which big data and marketers are -- and aren't -- working together. 

Marketers' Love/Hate Relationship with Big Data

When putting together our infographic, I noticed many inconsistencies where marketers and big data are concerned. Yes, some marketers will tell you that they're planning to do more with customer analytics. And others will say they're already using a bunch of different data. Still, half will say they're just too unorganized to keep track of it all, or implement customer analytics effectively within their organizations. 

To me, it seems like marketers think they're supposed to be leveraging all kinds of data to create better customer experiences, but they just don't know how or have the means to do so effectively. No one is pretending that it's an easy thing to do -- that's why we're spending all month discussing the topic. But, it's also no secret that with just a little bit of insight, marketers can uncover some interesting information about their target audiences. 

Whether it's by personalizing messages in a way that customers find pleasing and relevant, or by offering recommendations based on past purchases or online influencers, there are many ways that marketers can enhance the customer experience. So why do only 24% of marketers say they're using data for actionable marketing insight? Perhaps it's best explained by the 88% of sales and marketing leaders who say inadequate information has caused them to miss valuable opportunities. Is it that marketers are using bad information to fuel their actions? Or are they just not using any at all?

Where There's Data, There's a Way

It's easy for non-marketers to speculate about why big data hasn't become an integral part of the sales and marketing workflow, but most marketers, according to many surveys, will tell you that they're bored with attempts to personalize. They feel as if they've exhausted its potential, or that it simply doesn't work for their industry. 

While I don't doubt their exhaustion, I question their tactics. There is so much data to collect and use that it's nearly impossible to have tried all possible combinations. While time and money may be limited, perhaps it's time for marketers to shake things up a bit.