It was a busy week here at CMSWire as we finished up our month long focus on Customer Communities and moved over to look at Customer Journey Mapping. In addition to a great line up of customer experience articles we also took a look at the choices Enterprises have yet to make in the 21st century and examined whether or not bigger data actually means better data.

Top Customer Experience Article

Bruce Temkin (@btemkin) tells it like it is -- "people are self centered." It is in our nature to be focused on ourselves, so businesses need to find a way to combat this behavior in promoting a positive customer experience. One way of doing so is to use Customer Journey maps as Temkin explains in his article Use Customer Journey Maps to Combat Self-Centeredness.

If this self-centered bias is left unchecked, decisions made inside of companies will often reflect the frame of reference of employees, not customers."

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We had some great articles this week in our customer experience category, they are:

Top Social Business Article

Deb Lavoy (@deb_lavoy) knows her phone and credit cards are spying on her but chooses to ignore it. Unfortunately we can't ignore things forever and some critical decisions are yet to be made as she discusses in her article "Enterprise 2.0: The Choices We Haven't Made Yet"

... As businesses and a society, we really do need to examine the contents of our pockets and make some decisions. Our technology, if not our instincts, are enabling us to connect and monitor each other, ourselves and the world around us. Business needs are driving us to seek out new models for growth and efficiency, and our humanity is driving us to find more ways to ensure prosperity for individuals and communities -- it's an awesome thing."

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We had a tight race this week for top article in the social business category. Our contenders are:

Top Information Management Article

The old saying goes "the bigger the better" but is that always true? According to David Ballard (@storagehangover) in his article "Bigger Data Isn't Better, Better Data Is Better," bigger doesn't always mean better -- especially when it comes to big data.

The modern data center is not immune to the Bigger is Better Syndrome (BIBS). Big servers, big networks and, most of all, big data. Sorry, that should be Big Data with a capital “B” and “D” because Big Data is its own Big Thing and clearly of Big Importance. Everything is about Big Data these days -- how to store it, how to make it accessible, how to manage it, how to secure it and make more of it. And don't forget how to get it back in case you lose it."

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