Weekend Reads: Customer Experience, Responsive Experience
Another busy week has come to a close. What better way to celebrate the weekend then by sitting down with a nice cup of joe and reading all the features you may have missed? This time around in our top article categories, our contributors shared with us their thoughts on the responsive experience, corporate portals and the need to revisit information governance policies. Enjoy!

Top Customer Experience Article

Should companies design for mobile or employ responsive design techniques? The answer is simple -- neither. According to Harry Blodgett (@harryqblodgett) in his article Think Beyond Responsive Design to the Responsive Experience it's not about the device or the platform, it's about the approach. 

Instead we propose an omni-channel approach to web design which focuses first and foremost on delivering contextual customer experiences, not on designing for any one device. We call this Responsive Experience."

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Top Social Business Article

Have you ever wondered how to make the most of current portal and collaboration tools and technology? If so, Kevin Conroy's (@seattlerooster) article, The New Promise of Corporate Portals: Getting it Right, Right Now is the perfect article for you!

When it comes to getting it right, one group's opinion matters more than any other's. That group would be end users. One of the challenges of satisfying today's end user is that their expectations for technology continue to rise. As we conduct user experience research and requirement gathering for our enterprise clients, we find that employees continue to expect more and more from their corporate portals."

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Top Information Management Article

It's no secret that chat apps are overtaking SMS text messaging as the mobile messaging method of choice. They are cheap or free, and convenient. The problem with chat apps however lies in the danger facing information governance and security. Jonathan Fowler (@jpf4n6) addresses these dangers in his article, Growing Popularity of Chat Apps Means Revising Information Governance, Security Plans.

How does this shift in text messaging affect employers who want an accurate, up-to-date understanding of where their data is located for information governance, or for corporate InfoSec policies that focus solely on locking down or preventing SMS messaging by employees using corporate-issued mobile devices?"

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