The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is holding its first ever conference in November. If you're interested in the latest news on HTML5 and the open web platform, mark your calendars and book it to Seattle.

The overall conference theme will focus on both practical and new wave standards that developers and designers can use across browsers today. Industry leaders such as Paul Irish of Google, Divya Manian of Opera and Microsoft's Thomas Lewis will be speaking on a wide variety of topics that every developer needs to know: HTML5, APIs and Javascript, graphics, accessibility, CSS, etc. 

"We have selected speakers on an invitation-only basis to deliver the most educational and entertaining experience for our audience on the topics we felt were the most pressing for Web developers and designers today," writes the W3C team on the conference's official site. Keep one eye on 


The sessions are scheduled to span a total of two days, with a single track on each day so you don't miss a beat. Major sessions are around 45 minutes including Q&A, and shorter topics are covered in between, and are slated to run for 5 or 10 minutes each.

If you won't be bashing around Seattle in November, don't fret. W3C promises presentations will streamed live to the world (with English subtitling) for free. 

W3C in the News

Registration will be available any day now, but while you're waiting here's a few of W3C's latest headlines, just to tide you over: