With the promise of moving customer service from a nagging cost center to a "high-touch" opportunity for the enterprise, Vivisimo launched its CXO Mobile, an on-the-go solution that looks to optimize the customer service (CS) experience for the enterprise. Going beyond simply dealing with problems, the company is characterizing the CS experience as a "Technology Race" to offer professionals the most advanced interaction solutions with their clients.

“Customer service will start to be recognized as a critical part of the customer experience ecosystem,” said Kerry Bodine, senior analyst at Forrester Research. “Executives will stop treating customer service as a cost center and will instead leverage it as a high-touch loyalty driver and, wherever possible, a revenue generator.”

Mobile Customer Service Gets Support 

Vivisimo sees mobile customer service as one of the biggest challenges posed by the Digital Age, and is looking to "overhaul" the experience to transform data into intelligent and engaging customer relationships.

To that point, an IDC study* found that one-third of an average work week (14 hours) are spent searching for marketing collateral and customer information to prepare for sales meetings, and up to 40% of the marketing assets go unused. The problem is compounded with the move to mobile, where 32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device during a typical workday, the company said. 

CXO_Mobile_ScreenOnly (2).png"With CXO Mobile we’re equipping sales and customer service teams worldwide with enterprise wide information access to make informative decisions, hold engaging customer conversations, and close more deals faster -- anywhere, anytime on any mobile device,” said John Kealey, CEO of Vivisimo. 

The technology brings diverse and specific client details such as recent social postings and other communication, high priority issues and account opportunities and recommendations to improve, or up-sell the customer, to the mobile device in the field. 

360-Degree View

CXO Mobile targets "customer-facing professionals" with tools that support business interaction from any place at any time -- what the company calls a "360-degree view" of the client and access to the resources needed to support, and close the sale, the company said. 

 Key CXO Mobile features include:

  • Activity Feed with real-time updates on all followed accounts, products, individuals and other entities coming from multiple sources
  • Ability to collaborate with colleagues by posting comments and questions to the Activity Feed or report the status of an account or request information or assistance
  • Ability to browse a customer or partner account with a view of all activities, top support cases, top account opportunities, product recommendations and top news
  • Contact information for each account, including the option to view customer locations on a map and get directions
  • Support for VPN
  • Support for iPad, iPhone and Android devices

Vivisimo said its CXO Mobile technology empowers employees with activity feeds in the field with alerts such as past incidents, blocked orders and out-of-stock parts specific to that customer meeting. The technology can interact with applications that don't have mobile access built-in, thus extending the value of the ecosystem.

The company said it deployed the technology to an initial group of three "name brand" clients, and is launching CXO Mobile today.  

*IDC data compiled by Vivisimo from IDC Sales Enablement Presentation 2009 Lee Levitt