Ventana Media Engine Powers, Connects Social Media With Content MarketingLast week, we reported that interactive marketing was forecasted to grow substantially over the next five years. Almost on cue, two launches seek to capitalize on this predicted growth. Ventana, best known for its public relations, has spawned a new entity it's calling Ventana New Media. With it comes the release of the Ventana New Media Engine, designed to optimize content-driven search engine communications so organizations can build an effective brand identity, while generating leads accurately across appropriate platforms.

Connect, Accelerate Your Message

In an effort to help companies harness the value of social media, the New Media Engine is a publishing platform that connects content to six major types of networks, which could accelerate a message or visibility. The platform aims to help companies control their message in a way that adds value for both company and customer.

The Ventana New Media Engine connects multiple categories of new media sites
The Ventana New Media Engine connects multiple categories of new media sites 

How Does It Work?

Content managers can publish nearly any form of digital content via the New Media Engine and it is searched for keywords, tagged and described so it can be pushed out to the appropriate media platform. Publishing channels include:

  • microsites (customized sites on social networks)
  • web-feed publishers and news communities
  • online audio/video and image communities
  • social bookmarking and syndication sites
  • social journalism sites
  • targeted blogs

In aggregate, these sites become the execution component of Ventana’s social media marketing solutions for enhanced brand awareness, lead generation and search engine optimization.

While it doesn’t negate the need for active brand management, the New Media Engine does help take the guesswork out of selecting the right platforms for content distribution, while making it easier to publish content across various media.

Yet, pushing out content is just part of the integrated content distribution process. Measuring your reach is the other. The New Media Engine actively measures and monitors the number of backlinks generated and number of placements and can integrate into a CRM-managed sales funnel.

Complement Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ventana New Media launched in secret a few months ago and has been working in private beta with a few companies, including Metalogix and Queplix. Both agree that they have seen significant results, which have helped streamline their distribution, while increasing their visibility among search results and key market segments.

While their New Media Engine is a powerful tool, it shouldn’t replace your current marketing strategy, but rather complement it by enhancing keywords, placement and content curation. That should help you find more time to monitor conversations across digital and social media platforms so you can respond immediately and appropriately to what readers are saying.