Too Much Fun Things to Check This Weekend

CMS, big data and everything in between can be not only work, but also fascinating, practical in your personal life and a whole lot of fun. We’ve selected a few our favorites to share with you.

Chatwala — Video Messaging 2.0

FaceTime and Skyping are all the rage … except when the person whose mug you want to see can’t be in front of a screen at the same time as you. Sure you can send a video message, but then you miss seeing the recipient's reaction. The smile on his face, the tear in her eyes, the belly laugh ... It’s kind of a shame, especially when it doesn’t have to be that way.

Earlier this week Chatwala premiered a new kind video messaging app. The Chatwala app is simple — you use your smartphone to record messages of up to ten seconds in length, which can be sent to anyone via text or email.

The recipient can view the videos as soon as they’re received, or they can save them until later. And the recipient’s reaction is recorded as he views the message. After, they have ten seconds to reply (via video, too).

And, if you don’t want your real feelings exposed. (like making a face when you see your BFF’s ugly new haircut), there is a provision to review and rerecord before you hit SEND.

You can download it from the App Sore or get it from Google Play.

Watson in My Pocket


IBM wants you to have Watson in your pocket. Well, ok, maybe not literally in your pocket, but on your mobile device. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty went all the way the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week to launch the Watson Mobile Developer Challenge, which she hopes will inspire the world’s most capable geeks to leverage big-data-crunching, Jeopardy-winning Watson in the next apps they create.

What will the winners get? Mentoring support from IBM and access to the Watson sandbox to build it. What will IBM get? Forgive us for pointing it out, but more than a handful of good ideas. (And a bunch of lousy ones too!)

Weary of Google?

Don’t tell Google or the NSA, but there is a way to search the web without being tracked, without having your IP address recorded, without giving up your personal information, and without cookies.

Checkout DuckDuckGo, a search engine that promises more privacy, better answers and less SPAM among other things.

Think being tracked is no big deal? Check out how your information would be shared if you did a search on the word “herpes.”