Think you’re missing something in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? TinderBox says you are.

In fact, according to TinderBox, Dynamics CRM users may have a lot of technology to provide customer insights and engagement, but its sales automation processes are just not up to scratch.

Reducing Time, Uncertainty

If you haven’t come across this vendor before, TinderBox was established in 2009 and set itself the task of finding a method to reduce the time, inconsistency and uncertainty associated with proposal creation and the management processes around the closure of deals.

The result is its sales automation software solution, which helps businesses take ownership of their sales process from presentation to close with data-driven sales documents in the cloud.

For its part, Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package for sales, customer service and marketing. It comes in four versions for installation by a partner or customer, with all versions customizable using advanced extensions.

More to the point, it is now on a bi-annual update release cycle, so that anything that users might need can be added at relatively short intervals. We asked TinderBox CEO and co-founder Dustin Sapp why Dynamics CRM users might need a sales automation on top of all the other functionality it offers. He responded:

The right CRM is a critical element of an organization’s success, and integrated solutions can help an organization get more out of its investment by leveraging their data. TinderBox is the only solution in the Microsoft Marketplace that solves pain points throughout the sales cycle, from creating and presenting sales documents to closing business online."

This integration enables Dynamics CRM users to generate trackable, data-driven sales documents, like presentations, proposals and contracts, while capturing prospect engagement and electronic signatures. Automation of the sales process to this scale is something new for the Dynamics marketplace, and TinderBox is the solution many Dynamics users have been looking for."

What It Does

This is not TinderBox’s first integration with a CRM system, having worked with in past. From these experiences, TinderBox has learned a lot about streamlining the sales process, which has a demonstrable impact on the bottom line, Sapp said.

He also says that the TinderBox solution also improves data gathering around existing and potential customers and that providing the ability to access documents rapidly combined with the ability to sign-off agreements and deals using electronic signatures substantially increases the ROI of investing in such a solution. It also adds value to CRM investments. Sapp said:

The need is high for sales automation solutions today as the market is looking for how to best leverage investment in CRM. TinderBox’s experience and success with various productized CRM integrations, like, has shown that TinderBox is a proven value add to our customers. Giving customers the ability to streamline the sales process has a clear impact on the bottom line, and we’re eager to offer our solution to Dynamics CRM users."

TinderBox Sales Automation

So what does the solution provide? Essentially, it streamlines the sales process from start to finish, helping sales and marketing teams build and deliver relevant sales content and documents in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

While this integration aims to help Dynamics CRM users, it can also be used as a standalone application offering workers the possibility of the automating repetitive and tedious tasks associated with document generation, sales workflow and transaction processes.

Our integration provides Microsoft Dynamics users with new capabilities, a unique interface and flexibility that's never been experienced in this ecosystem. Our goal is to make the lives of sales teams easier -- with these features, salespeople can concentrate on customers instead of paperwork, and managers gain more visibility than ever before." 

In practical terms this means that users can accept or decline documents electronically, track documents and use document analytics to identify who views and shares the documents they send. Needless to say, it has also been designed to cater to mobile workforces so Dynamics users will be able to access content from anywhere, collaborate and control access to content and documents.

As a final thought, Sapp said the sales automation space has still to be fully exploited:

We overcome obstacles by educating the marketplace. Our space is still largely uncharted, and there’s a host of solutions competing for the same budgets. But because the market continues to grow and gain traction, it’s important that we stay agile to respond to the needs of our clients, our prospects, and the market as a whole.”

The integration is now available for new and existing TinderBox and Microsoft Dynamics users.