Saying Goodbye to 2012
2012 was a year of great discussions. The views were varied and the ideas were thought-provoking. As you leave 2012 behind, take some time to look at the top Customer Experience, Social Business and Information Management articles of 2012 on CMSWire.

Digital Business in 2013
Much of the focus in 2012 has carried forward to this new year. It's not that things remain the same, it's that digital business has become even more critical than ever. You need to have the right strategies in place to succeed.

Key topics we'll explore this year continue to be social, mobile and the cloud. And you can bet we won't overlook the persistent love of "big data".

For those who focus on the internal aspects of social business, consider how putting HR at the forefront of social initiatives will drive employee engagement.

Thanks for being an ongoing part of our vibrant community in 2013!

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