From the hundreds of thousands of apps across the spectrum of devices, what have you been downloading and using on your smartphone most this year? CMSWire takes a look at those that have appealed most to us. 


An App A Day

The number of available apps for iOS and Android is staggering, even stripping out the huge numbers of toys, diversions and casual games. While the big-name apps get all the glory, it can be pretty easy to miss something that could be really useful.

With improved app discovery coming from most players in 2013, better search results should be on the cards soon, but for now why not give our top recommendations of the year a try? And, of course, let us know what your best app discoveries of the year were.  

For the Business

The perils of enterprise content on a personal or always-on-the-road device must give most IT departments nightmares. Many big-iron and enterprise-grade vendors are addressing the issue, but Divide (Enterproid, iOS and Android) is already doing the job for the rest of us.

To protect that data on phones outside of the enterprises' control, It creates discrete business and personal profiles with the information stored on encrypted cloud workspaces. Throw in quick switching between profiles, Exchange integration and remote tracking and wiping, and you have a smartphone that any user can lose without causing a collective coronary for the IT managers. 


For those who need to keep track of a range of tasks, Clear (RealMac Software, iOS) is the hit to-do-list app of the year for iOS and Mac users, linked by iCloud support. With multiple lists, bright and simple layout, there's no reason for forgetting an important business or personal task

If you need greater collaboration, Asana (iOS, Mobile Web) actually launched at the end of last year, but has become a well funded success story in 2012. Providing cloud-based task management for teams with an iPhone app or HTML5 support for other mobiles. Offering work space, activity feeds, real-time updates and team or person-to-person interaction, it offers free access for teams or companies with up to 30 members.

While proper design on tablets isn't really happening yet, for designers out there Quark DesignPad (Quark, iPad) at least lets design workers play with the basics, create concepts, do some prototype designs and throw ideas around. The resulting files can be worked-up properly in QuarkXPress or saved as image for distribution. 


No matter how capable and flexible your smartphone or tablet is, sometimes nothing but desktop access will do and there are quite a few remote apps. Jump Desktop offers quick configuration and access to any PC (Mac, Windows or other) around the world. So, you can jump on your desktop system, from anywhere you like, making your phone or tablet that much more useful. 

Media/Social Apps

The crowds are gathering and with everyone having a smartphone, public or social events are now being captured from every angle. Vyclone (iPhone) is a service/app that helps you create multi-angle video events and create remixed videos to show off. 

It also acts as a new event-themed social service, showing off the best of this growing community's content. With some great reviews over the year, look out for Vyclone or competitors taking off in 2013 as mobile video becomes a bigger part of everyone's lives. 


Doing a similar job for photos, Flock (iPhone) is an app from the folk behind the Bump app. It helps find photos among your friends and family from the same event, collecting them into one public folder for all to see.  The app does this as it knows which of your friends you are with and filters out strangers, but allows you control over which photos can be used, in case things get a little out of hand.

Which brings us to SnapChat (iOS, Android), the hottest social media app of the year. This app allows people to send private, non-permanent messages and photos to each other, that are deleted after viewing or after a time limit. Ideal for spies, secret lovers or anyone who doesn't need historical records of events. The app is so popular that apparently Facebook is considering launching something similar.