Yesterday we shared Gartner's list of the top mobile application developers. The list ranks the providers Gartner feels are best at enabling IT developers to create mobile applications for customers, partners and employees.

But what, you may be wondering, does the future hold for mobile app development? Relax — we've got you covered. Or actually, our friends at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Collat School of Business have you covered.

The team there just created an infographic that explains trends in mobile app development.

We're All on Our Smartphones

More than 91 percent of the US population has a cell phone — and six in 10 of those are smartphones. With more than 10 billion mobile Internet devices expected to be in use by 2016, the mobile application industry will grow tremendously to match demand and keep up with ever-evolving technologies, the UAB team predicts.

Right now, developers have a strong focus on apps in the areas of social networking, context-aware marketing, location-based services,  mobile search, mobile commerce, object recognition and mobile payment systems.