It's an interesting dichotomy -- as more CIOs embrace social media, more companies are shying away from it for customer service.

More CIOs Embracing Social Media

An article in Public CIO declared that CIOs Flock to Social Media, citing that “a relatively small, but growing, contingent of public CIOs are prolific social media users, fearlessly Facebooking and eagerly contributing to the blogosphere and Twitterverse.” By chronicling the experiences of a handful of CIOs, Jessica Meyer Maria describes how being active across social media has helped them collaborate, network, recruit and gain valuable insights about their industry.

More Companies Hiding Social Media Channels

But as CIOs start recognizing the benefits of being on social media, a report from Genesys showed that many Fortune 500 companies are shying away from listing social media as a means for customers to contact them.

Not only did the survey show that 55 percent of Fortune 500 consumer facing corporations fail to list a Twitter handle on their “Contact Us” page, and 51 percent fail to list a Facebook page, but that similar information is also missing from 27 percent their website home pages.

So why are companies hiding their social media channels?

It’s hard to say for sure, but as more consumers turn to social media to voice their complaints or seek additional information from companies, it’s not inconceivable that some companies may not want the attention. Little do they know that regardless of whether or not they let their customers know where to find them on social media, people are talking about them.

Many companies are still struggling to embrace social media and are not confident in their ability to deal with customer queries and complaints via social media. Try as they might to hide, they’ll soon discover that it will do more damage in the long run.

Bridge Social Across All Touchpoints

Instead of hiding from their fans and followers, companies are behooved to resolve the disconnect by developing a customer service strategy that not only integrates social media channels across every customer touch point, but understands the benefits that it can bring to promoting brand recognition and loyalty.

Hopefully, as more and more CIOs join the ranks of social media users, they’ll help bring their companies out of hiding.