Assuming you were busy adding hashtags to your Facebook posts or checking out your Tweets’ analytics on Twitter, you may have missed some of the other social media-related news this week.

G+ in Your Gmail

Google has expanded the +Gmail people widget to include brands and businesses. The new feature lets users highlight their Google+ profiles and recent Google+ posts within their inboxes. Now, when users receive emails from another’s domain, they can follow the corresponding Google+ page on the same page. Recent Google+ posts can also appear in the widget, alongside your email message, allowing your customers find and engage with your content in new ways.

In order to appear in the new Gmail widget, businesses or organization users need to verify their Google+ page and digitally-signed emails.

Don't Let Your Blog Come Tumbling Down

If you have a Tumblr blog, listen up. The blogging service has made a major change to its custom domain settings. Blog users who have a custom URL will need to adjust their settings before June 21st, or risk having their domain stop working. Tumblr users should expect to receive an email (if they haven't already) informing them of the change and will see an alert on the top of the page when logged in.

Piquing Our Pinterest

Piqora, formerly Pinfluencer, offers a suite of Pinterest marketing and analytics products that help brands engage, grow, and measure their audience on Pinterest. As such, Piqora has done a lot of number crunching on the pins it tracks for thousands of brands and identified some interesting trends. For instance, 70% of clicks happen within the first 2 days of a pin's existence. The remaining 30% of the clicks can come all the way through 30 days and even beyond, perhaps indicating the importance of having a plan for removing old pages. Another stat caught our attention, as well. Ninety-five percent of pins go onto boards named after categories (e.g. fashion, accessories, beauty, furniture etc.), which can be a good source for keywords and tags.