Social media can bring us so much. This week, it brings ads to Instagram, free WiFi to Facebook and Sticky Hashtags to Nestivity. 


Instagram Ad Nauseam?

Only recently did we tell you that Instagram "could start selling ad space sometime next year." This week, however, in a blog post, Instagram announced that users in the United States "may begin seeing an occasional ad in your Instagram feed." That was fast. Technically, they didn't say when ads were coming -- just that they were coming, but we can only guesstimate that it will be sooner than later. 

Going Places with Free WiFi

Remember Facebook Places? In an attempt to remind you about them, Facebook has teamed up with Cisco to provide users with free WiFi each time they check-in with Facebook Places.

Facebook Page Wifi.jpg

Though it's an obvious plea to sway users away from Foursquare, it does have the potential to provide Facebook advertisers and Page owners with a robust set of data, as well as enhanced engagement opportunities. 

Nestivity's Tweetcast Get Sticky

Nestivity, the community engagement platform, has updated its Tweetcast solution. Described as a "WebEx-like tool" through Tweetcast, users can share content with a live social audience in real-time. To help streamline how they are used during Tweetcasts, Nestivity has announce something they're calling "Sticky #Hashtags." A Sticky Hashtag lets users choose to auto-append a hashtag to your comments. If you do not want to auto-append, simply delete the #hashtag once and it will no longer appear in future tweets. 

Use Social Media Like it's Your Job

For awhile now, social media has been considered a thriving career possibility. There are social media managers, strategists and evangelists. But now that social media is seeping into organizational culture, it (rightly so) is becoming a part of everyone job's description. While the social media job title may be on the decline, a new infographic from OfferPop (using data from LinkedIn) shows a remarkable 1,357% increase in social media positions posted on LinkedIn since 2010. #wow


Image credit: Shutterstock / Cienpies